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Kaijuly 2016, day 9:

H is for Hedorah from 1971′s Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (aka Godzilla vs. Hedorah)

Kaijuly 2016, Day 7:

A double dose of the letter G in which Gamera lays a beatdown on Gyaos.

Kaijuly 2016, day 12. Letter K.

Erstwhile Godzilla foe King Ghidorah is your kaiju of the day.



Trying to think of words to articulate the past week, but that pretty much sums it up.

The star of the first Godzilla movie walking up and shaking my hand, completely unprovoked. The original Ultraman correcting my Specium pose. Yuriko / Fuji remembering who I was the second time I saw her.

Looking down a hallway and seeing Redman, specter of kaiju death, walking right towards me.

Witnessing the creation of that… thing in the gif.

Seeing a brand new Japanese tokusatsu/kaiju/horror short film that kinda blew me away. Seeing new (to me) footage from Gamera 4 and Legendary Beast Wolfman vs. Godzilla.

Seeing King Kong Escapes on the big screen, presented by Dr. Susan Watson herself, who was having one of the most genuine emotional reactions to a convention crowd that I’ve ever seen.

And just hanging out with everyone I got to spend time with. It was a week for the ages.

Tumblr Seijin will live again!