the semi finals of the  civil war tournament on Godzilla & Kaiju are coming up. For those of you who don’tknow the creator of the page and I are going head to head, each assebling a team of 8 monsterseach competeing in two seprate 4 v 4 tournaments. this first tournament pitted Syn’s team of Mecha Godzilla, Godzilla 1964 (from Mothra vs Godzilla), Final Wars Gigan, and Gipsy Danger, against myself, JimKong, and my team of Ultraman, King Ghidorah, The Power Rangers Dino Megazord, and Toho’s King Kong.

The first round had an unprecedented amount of voting for one of our tournaments. a total of over 100 votes. Godzilla 1964 beat the same King Kong he lost to in the movies moving on to the semifinals of this first tournament.

Ultraman left Mechagodzilla in a scrap heap on the moon and sent Seven and Mebius to inestigate the other side of this strange planet they have been dropped on.

King Ghidorah fried Gigan with overwhelming power in a faux city on the planet below, where ultraman descends to investigate.

And The megazord tapped into cosmic power as it laid the Jaeger Gipsy Danger to waste, Rescuing her pilots before the ultimate destruction of the mech.

Now with Ultraman landing at the scene of Gigan’s demise, and Megazord going to the next encounter against the most curious Godzilla ever. The semi finals begin!

With only one monster left in the tournament can Syn hang in this first tournament, or will he have to wait until the 2nd tournament for a chance at victory?

His only monster left being the one who was defeated by two infant mothra larvae, can the “fan favorite” persevere? Can logic and skill triumph? Who will end this Civil War? 

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