Please help "Unicornbollocks"

Yesterday, I found out my 7 year old PSN account had been permanently banned. The reason? An inappropriate username. “Unicornbollocks”. I have lost hundreds maybe even thousands worth of games and DLCs which I can no longer access. They won’t even give me a refund for the £40 ps plus account I bought only 3 days ago! Why now have they decided that it’s inappropriate? After so long and so much money has been put towards it? I would be fine changing it just not losing everything.

After being on hold for a whole hour to customer service I finally go through only for them to tell me “We can’t change your username therefore we can’t remove the ban from your account” Of course I panicked thinking about all my stuff that I’m going to lose. They just told me “There is nothing we can do” They even agreed that I had a lot of content. The call was ended with “Maybe in the future you should be careful about what you make your username” Thanks PlayStation.

After researching a lot I found similar situations to mine and that people’s usernames have been changed before. So, why can’t mine?

I don’t want to just give up and accept the fact that I’ve lost everything! These games helped with my depression and anxiety and I just don’t know how I will cope.

All I ask is that you reblog this and signal boost so maybe someone who knows how to help me can see this.


Nippon Ichi Software have announced a Closed Beta Test for the classic (and wonderfully bizarre) tactical role playing game Disgaea 2 before it releases on Steam next year, with those that are selected for the Beta receiving a free copy of the game upon release!

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