• Ladynoir:
  • Ladybug: Oh my goodness Chat *flings herself across his stomach* I am menstruating so hard right now.
  • Chat Noir: Gross, get off me.
  • Ladybug: Shhh heating pads don't talk.
  • Chat Noir: *pats her head sympathetically* I'm here for you, Ladyboop.
  • Adrinette:
  • Adrien: *has been left alone in a room with Marinette and has no idea what to say*
  • Marinette: *sitting several feet away from him, wide-eyed, blushing*
  • Adrien: *panicking* So... how's life?
  • Marinette: Oh, heh, you know. Lifelike. *screams internally*

So beautiful bubbly Markimoo is headed to the U.K. to do a CHARITY LIVESTREAM with Felix and Jack!!!
NOT TO MENTION he is also building his improv skills and wants to do live shows and travel and just generally make more amazing content and I’m so proud and happy for him. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

He just seems so happy and that makes me happy.