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kurochan96wawa: ニコニコ闘会議

#らいなま #DQMSL #スラ脱出

kurochan96wawa: chokaigi’s raina event has ended as well!
everyone, thank you very much!!
it’s over so i took a photo with soraru-san!
i wanna get better and become as good as soraru-san!!

soraruru: こーすけさんにもらったニコテレビマスク かわいいけど苦しかったありがとう

soraru: i got this nico-TV mask from kosuke-san. it’s cute but it was painful to wear. thank you

soraruru: 今更ながらはじめましての人が多いのにふざけた名前にしてたことに後悔してる…アァ…

soraru: i greeted so many new people today, i regret choosing a silly name for myself so much… aaaah…

soraruru: 好きな実況者さんに挨拶いきたいけどみんな忙しそうだし一人でぼーっとしてる

soraru: i wanted to say hi to my favorite jikkyous but they’re all in a hurry, so i’m alone zoning out

soraruru: 鼻の穴って何かと思ったけどマスクのアンテナ部分が鼻の穴に見えるのねわろた

soraru: i thought something was in my nostrils, but turns out the antenna of the tv from the mask was visible and was covering my nostrils. i laughed