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AGGGH my neck is killin’ me! TT~TT But I finished it! The fanart is done! Now to just submit to-…where’s the submit button?!

GamerScootaloo! Why you no have fanart submit button?! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) I make fanart for you because you said you didn’t get much anymore when you should. I was thinking of drawing Scoots and DT as the NPCs on the Sea Mauville (y'know, the ones “training” in the locked room?) from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but I thought they’d look more awesome as the Team Magma and Aqua admins. I did my best, I’m not too good at the whole anthro thing still ^^’

Team Magma Admin Gamer Scootaloo and Team Aqua Admin Diamond Tiara belong to

For the month of November, my good friend Mathew has given us an extra special treat! Two Scootaloos, beautifully rendered with a lovely background, ready for you!

Due to this amazing picture, this month’s donation wallpaper is $5.

Last month we fell short of our goal by about $110, but I have a feeling this month will be better! And since Paypal primarily requires a credit-card to donate, I will be using that as your proof of being over the age of 18.

You can still purchase the other two donation pictures as well, for $1 dollar each or $2 for both. If you want all 3, it’s $7.

Go right ahead...
  • Matthew: I got forge for free
  • Matthew: from totalbiscuit on youtube
  • Matthew: oco
  • Matthew: is it good?
  • Matthew: XD
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom/Autumn Rush): I don't know
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom/Autumn Rush): Why don't you...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom/Autumn Rush): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom/Autumn Rush) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom/Autumn Rush): ...'Forge' ahead and find out?
  • Matthew: EAT A WORM PIRATE
  • Dashaloo: dohoho