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Hi! I really like your blog. How do you think the Heart aspect would manifest itself (Breath=Wind, Void=Water, etc.) I guess it could manifest as your literal soul, like when Dirk took Araneas soul? Idk. What do you think?

its Souls and then it’s also, and hear me out on this for serious:


yes hats lol and I think I recently realized why exactly

Now of course we got in Homestuck Dirk’s symbol is a hat and Nepeta wears hats and when Terezi was out of sorts (inverse Witch of Heart) she wore her dragon hood over her face more often.

But I think it might actually also be a weird pop culture video gamer reference lol

I mean, every single game I’ve played or watch thats popular on like steam or twitch always has some kind of hat system I’ve noticed, or at least it’s becoming increasingly popular, where your character can just wear hats for no reason other than silliness and hats are awesome, but I realized they also have another function

When you have a game where you can all play the same or similar characters, often the hat you wear makes you stand out as your unique signifier, like hey its me im the one with the burger hat and you know its me and not anyone else because im wearing the hamburger

and that just fits right in so well with what Heart in Homestuck is all about, its about what makes you unique and stand out, what is connected only with you personally and no one else, your unique signifier that you are you and no one else, just like the shirt symbols in homestuck and Hats in particular (which is also why Dirk’s shirt symbol being a Hat is like x3 irony combob its beautiful lol) 

its just like how Glasses are Mind, because its another pop culture reference but one thats older than Hats and Heart, Glasses and Nerds are just a thing first, and then since the dawn of time when someone wants to blank out someone’s Identity they cover the eyes. Have you guys noticed that? The little black bar across the face or the pixellated mask, or a pair of shades, it’s always to cover or hide or blank out the true Identity, or in Homestuck, the Heart. Actually even on tumblr when you go to ask something on anon, your icon turns generic and your identity hidden when they put on a pair of sweet shades and eyes already are like the windows to the Soul so theres that too

and then one more thing for the interesting connection is that Both symbols, Hats and Glasses, cover up or block the other literal symbol of their opposite aspect

Hats cover up your Head or Brain, your literal Mind. Glasses cover up the Eyes, the windows to the Soul, your literal Soul/Heart

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top 5 videya gams

Oh fuck is that a gamer reference????
(I’m gonna do video gam seriess)
1) Elder Scroll
2) Pokemon
3) Fire Emblem
4) Dragon Age
5) Overwatch

Youtuber!Jungkook's Proposal

So since I actually already explained how youtuber!Tae would propose in his post (if you haven’t read it, you can click here) I’m going to jump straight to our not so lil but still lil in my eyes maknae, the other half to the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka can we talk about how cute Jungkook looked while back hugging Jimin like I literally had to replay the scene bc lil teeny tiny bunny was so happy just hanging onto chim like I refuse to accept this kid has also lifted that very same person for a move when he was fucking 15 what is Jeon Jungkook actually can we talk about that is he real like how does he go from smol child who just needs to be protected to not smol child at all who’s suddenly a man like lol okay don’t remember signing up for that

  • For the original youtuber!Jungkook post, click here
  • For an alternate version of Jungkook proposing, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original youtuber post, he has a gaming channel
  • He isn’t horribly open with his viewers when it comes to his personal life but he’s also not closed off
  • He tells them a few stories about his childhood, about his friends about his opinions but he’s not the type to reveal every single detail about himself
  • Like most people know about you, they know his name, his age, where he’s from things like that
  • But they don’t know about what your first date was like, who said I love you first, the deeper things about his personal life
  • He’s not the type to really show his relationship off
  • He may have a few videos with you here and there but he’s never the type to constantly have his relationship in the public’s eye
  • He likes certain things to be private, one of those things is your relationship
  • No one even knows he’s in a relationship for like the first three years of his career tbh
  • Normally he films when you’re out of the house so he doesn’t bother you with his commentary bc we all know how sometimes games get intense and even if you don’t mean to you kinda just let out a scream when something scares you or you get pissed off
  • Sometimes though you’re home when he plays and you sometimes come in without realizing that he’s filming
  • He normally edits it out bc he’s still keeping the relationship hush bc he doesn’t know if he really wants to expose that side of him to the internet yet
  • But one day he’s streaming something right and he’s trying to find his phone so he just kinda calls out for you to see if you know where it is
  • “Babe have you seen my phone??”
  • The “babe” kinda gives it away but it could also be brushed off as oh maybe that’s just something normal for him
  • When you bring his phone in, he kinda absentmindedly gives you a quick kiss as a thank you and the camera catches it all so now he can’t edit it out bc oops live
  • He features you in his next stream so they can get to know you better
  • He ignores the more personal questions but he does ask you the lighter questions like what your career is and how you two met
  • Okay but also imagine lil kookie getting all flustered when you tell the viewers you love him and that you’re proud of him
  • He just kinda squirms and is trying so hard not to smile and just blush galore
  • He likes needs a genuine second to recover bc cute
  • It’s pretty obvious to everyone that he’s quite content and happy with his relationship and that he adores you
  • When you film with him, he has this habit of paying more attention to you than the game
  • Literally everyone notices, even you do
  • “Look I’m flattered but I wanna win fair and square, keep your focus on the screen you can stare at me after you’ve lost”
  • He doesn’t really have much build up before the proposal tbh
  • Like he starts leaving a few hints that are pretty lowkey
  • Like he starts slipping in the discussion of marriage more bc when he games he tends to talk about whatever’s on his mind
  • “I would love to be married in the future, idk how soon that future is but we’ll have to wait and see won’t we”
  • No one can tell if that’s like just an oh I haven’t thought too deep into it or an I’m being coy but lol I got that shit planned out
  • When he does propose, it’s v v personal
  • He does film the proposal but it is strictly just for him to be able to watch back, he doesn’t want it on the internet at all
  • He just wants to be able to watch it right before the wedding or on the tenth anniversary or just whenever he needs something to make him smile
  • He sets up this cute lil dinner date in your backyard
  • He’s got a few gamer references like the cue cards are player 1 and player 2 instead of your names
  • “If you were a Pokémon, I’d choose you”
  • “Leave”
  • “I also bought cake”
  • “Ight you can stay”
  • I mentioned this in the other post but I think he would be tied with Jimin for the most nervous to propose
  • Like he’s gulping and his foot keeps tapping and his heart is beating a mile a minute
  • You notice bc you’ve been with him for years so you know him in and out
  • He says he’s okay but you’re still ???
  • He does make an official announcement this time, instead of having it be like an accidental slip of the tongue
  • He starts off his new video in his lil black chair and you’re off camera but he has you stay close so he can bring you in to show the ring when he's ready
  • “Hey quick update, I may not be able to upload as often bc I’m gonna be pretty busy since I have a wedding to help plan:D”
Mew Event Card

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Little Battleborn Things #142

Oscar Mike, with lines like “LAAAAAG” and “FREAKING CASUALS”, being a self-aware character who knows he’s in a video game.

*another solid submission from the strictly professional Battleborn schroedingerscatisqueer.