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Isn’t it awesome how this topic from a twenty-five year old manga is 100% relevant right this very second.

I like how in league I’ve never been bothered about whether or not I’m a girl. Not when I played Jinx or Mf, or when I played Blitz support, or when I played any of my female champs, or over the fact that my name is D00dlebugg (which I think is kind of feminine? Right?)

Yet when I’m doing really well as Lulu suddenly I get the “are you a girl?” question?? I only answered with “why?” and he never responded. But I’m wondering if it would be followed up with “girls can only play support” or something like that.

Dude. I main adc. I just wanted to go play Lulu for a bit cause she’s fun and I’m GOOD at her.


Meli: Anyone wanna try their luck at a race?
Milo: No thanks!
Zack: I’ll pass.

Meli: Seriously?? This better not be because I’m a girl or I swear…
Zack: It’s because it’s YOU! You’re a crazy racer!
Milo: May I use my condition as a freebie this time?

My bros used to hate racing against me because I always beat them. Always figured this would be the same with these three X) But then I went away for University and I lost practice so now the youngest brother beats everyone by a mile. (I’m also known to being a rage gamer at times)

Heads up, might have a livestream tomorrow and maybe Sunday! I got the greenlight to post more Milo art I did over the past year, but I’m just waiting for a few more little details just to be sure ;)