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I'm glad they've announced Tracer is queer...

However, I think that’s a bit safe for the predominately straight, male fan base of Overwatch.
I mean, hot lesbians don’t really challenge the sexuality of your average straight, male gamer.

You wanna really be edgy?
Make a gay male character- but not just any gay male character! He should be the sassiest, flamingest, most gorgeous, dandy, pretty boy in all of Numbani.

Not to detract from how awesome it is that Tracer is confirmed family. Just, lesbian overtones are not new for gamers. Also, plenty of female characters have masculine attributes to “justify” their proclivity for violence.

One of the reasons why I love the Dragon Age games is the liberal sexuality in the storylines. Many characters are sexually adventurous if not just an outright queer. I think it would be awesome to see the same kind of open mindedness in Overwatch, it being such a badass game!

It’s like, I think your audience can handle the idea of a quick witted, Z-snapping Mo, picking up a laser-rifle and kicking ass.

It just always feels like queer characters in video games are butch women, or tomboy acting ladies. With the exception of the occasional bisexual elf- gay men are underrepresented in video games.

Of course Dorian Pavus of DA Inquisition is the first character I felt I could really relate to, but that’s just one character in a long line of many many many games that I’ve played. I just have to commend DAI for unapologetically going there with Dorian’s story arc. It was all too real, and the first of its kind for such a large and successful game series.

I just feel most game makers are trying to protect the feelings and comfort of their straight, male players… when honestly, I think they can handle it. Most of them are playing as Widowmaker and D.Va anyways!

It’s like, you have characters like Reaper and McCree and Soldier 76; hyper masculine bad boys for your male gamers to live out their machismo, badass fantasies… where’s my fey, glamorous, ass-kicking glam rocker for me to live vicariously through?

And don’t even get me started on including some more androgynous, gender fluid characters! But that’s another rant for another day.

Including openly queer characters, however, at any capacity, is a huge step forward. That cannot be glossed over. I’ve played video games my whole life and I am loyal to the series I love. I appreciate when the games I play make efforts for all types of players.
Personally, I like a game 10x’s better if you can select the gender of your character. It shows that the game designers appreciate all of their players, not just the stereotypical straight dude gamers.

Just my opinion.

Congrats Tracer. Your girlfriend is hot.

It’s not news that females in the gaming community are treated poorly - and it’s for this reason (as well as the fact that I’d love to make more friends in this community!) that I decided to create this network. I’d like to create a feeling of solidarity and yes, that dreaded term, ‘a safe space’ for female gamers on tumblr. I want us to become like a big girl gang, equally supporting each other and having fun. That’s my dream at least. 

This network will be open to anyone who identifies as female in any way! 

The purpose: 

  • to make new friends
  • to share gaming themed creations with other members

To apply: 

I’ll give this a week or two to circulate and then choose the members! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!  

Female Gamers on YouTube

Under the cut is a long list of women let’s players, game/tech reviewers, gaming vloggers on YouTube who I am currently following. I saw a post like this floating around a long time ago, and though it was a great list, I don’t see it too often anymore. So I made my own!

The ones in bold are the people who I am actively watching everyday, so I recommend them the most. Feel free to reblog and add some of your faves.

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okay but why isn’t rosario dawson loved more on this site, especially by the marvel fandom? (well, I know the answer to that) 

honestly tho, she truly loves and appreciates her mother and father for helping her and her brother live through a difficult childhood where she was in a poor environment, she’s super intelligent, very caring, has a collection of instruments that she doesn’t know how to play, is an incredible actress who has a great filmography, once cooked lasagna for 200 people to raise funds for west africa and other charities, is a female gamer who fangirls over the last of us and arkhum knight, literally planked on an elephant, is such a cutie, is a huge nerd and trekkie and is an inspiring latina actress.

you can spend all day crying over the male casts and white faves, but rosario dawson deserves so much love and respect. Where are her appreciation posts ??? Networks related to her ???  Meta’s about how great she is ?? Rosario Dawson is a gift.