When you try to make a video showing off your character but shit happens….


[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Introducing Sombra | Overwatch

Check out this video to see Sombra in action! (Also sneak peek at the highlight intros at 0:35 and 1:08).


And here it is! The Gaster Arc’s fangame, ‘The End’, has a full trailer! Just in time for Halloween!

Big props for those who helped make music for this game, and equally big props for all artists who helped me polish this game up and make it all possible.

Hope you enjoy this taste of what’s to come! Happy Halloween!


4+ hours of gameplay and im this deep 

the last comic is actually true if you try to hack wrench lmao


Sonic Forces (2017) | Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Meet boy. His name’s Lian. He and Dorian do each other’s makeup and nail polish sometimes (°◡°♡).:。