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Masterpost of Until Dawn Development

Were you ever curious regarding the history and development of Until Dawn? If so, here are some links to different prototypes and aspects of the game.

2010 Prototype - Almost a completely different game from the original.

2012 Gamescom Trailer  - Contains first person elements.   

2012 “Torture” Trailer - A different take on the saw scene.  

2012 Interview with Until Dawn Developer Will Byles 

2012 February Demo - Sam’s Bath Tub Scene, and Chris and Ashley Exploring 

2012 Previously In-game Cut Scene -  Previously on Until Dawn….

2012 First Publishable Chapter  Opening chapter with Chris and Sam.

2012 Chapter One Test Level - Test level for Graphics 

2012 Beta Intro - Opening Scene and Twin’s “Death”  

2012 BGS Gameplay Event - Gameplay 

2014 DPS Event Trailer -  Contains more familiar aspects of the game we ended up with.

More will be added if found- if you know of another reblog and add a link!

E3 2014:  Live Broadcast SimGuru Q&A (aka “Babies Have Legs”)

Here’s the Question & Answer session with the SimGurus that took place during the live broadcast of EA’s E3 Press Conference.

(Hashtags and Twitter speak removed for ease of reading and some of the questions to the Gurus have been edited for clarity.)


Question:  What will be the requirements of The Sims 4? –High Life
A: We are working on making the game accessible as possible.  So once the specs are locked that info will be given. =) –SimGuruRusskii

Question:  Is it going to be necessary to stay connected all the time? –Christon
A:  You will not need to stay connected all the time to play The Sims 4. –Aaron Houts

Question:  Some say that TS4 is to be an online. –Michal Taczka
A:  TS4 is a single player offline game. –Lyndsay Pearson

Question: What will be the release date of The Sims 4 for Latin America? 2nd and 4th as the US and Spain? –Los Sims 4 InfoGames
A: By the same date, check stores for specific information.  But it is during that timeline. –Nad J (translated by Google Translate)

Comment: In case you missed it - The Sims 4 will arrive Sept 2 in NA. Sept 4 and 5 in Europe. Countdown to #SaveTheUnicorns (sorry, I amuse myself) –Lyndsay Pearson

Question:  Will TS4 be released for Mac?  And what about system requirements?  Can you talk about this now? –milton
A:  We are focusing on the PC version, no updates on the Mac at this time.  For system specs - we’ll share once we have it locked. –The Sims


Question:  Do we need to relaunch the game to get that Sim? –PRPLAYS (Referring to The Gallery)
A: No need to relaunch.  The stuff you download will be there right away! –Aaron Houts

Question:  Does the gallery work like the exchange but in game? –SimCookie
A:  That’s right.  The Gallery is fully integrated into The Sims 4.  No need to leave the game! –Aaron Houts

Question:  Will this just be user-submitted, or will there be EA created items as well (I’m assuming for purchase)? –Mitchi Pawluk
A:  The Gallery is driven by the stuff YOU all create using out brand-new tools in build & CAS. –Lyndsay Pearson


Question: In The Sims 4 we can have more than 8 Sims? –pastor_chan
A: You can control up to 8 Sims in The Sims 4, just like in The Sims 3. –Sarah Holding

Question:  Will Sims be able to die from sadness?
A:  I don’t want to give everything away, but there are multiple types of emotion deaths. –Lyndsay Pearson

Andrew Sims:  Please remove the ability for a Sim to die from laughing too hard.  That is so dumb.
A:  I think you meant “so hilarious” to which I say, I totally agree!  Thanks!

Andrew Sims: No I didn’t.  I don’t see why it’d be fun to spend time making a Sim for them to die from something like laughter.
A:  It’s a really really extreme state.  You will have to try to kill them that way.  They won’t just keel over from one funny joke.  –Lyndsay Pearson

Question:  Can you talk about the creature?  And will emotion related deaths be common or uncommon? –Nicolas James Folsom
A:  Sims are far more likely to die of fire than emotions ;-) –Sarah Holding

Question: Are there new ways to die other than of laughter? –Anti BabyMama
A: Yes! There are many ways to die in The Sims 4 *evil laughter*
A: Fire and Hunger!  –Sarah Holding

Question:  Speaking about death will Olive Specter be in the game? –Itamar Medeiros
A:  We didn’t bring Olive or other Specter family Sims in the game.  We bought in some favorites though like the Goths. –Lyndsay Pearson

Question:  Can you confirm if TS4 is set before or after TS2 in the timeline?  Or by how many years? –Skar
A:  The Sims 4 features an all new timeline, but still has all your favorite Sim families!  –Sarah Holding

Q:  New timeline?  As in events of TS1, TS2 and TS3 didn’t happen so it is in an alternate universe?  Or what? –Tensimoles
A:  The timeline got pretty crowded with TS1, TS2, and TS3, trying to fit another game into the timeline would be tough. –Sarah Holding  A:  I would call it an alternate universe…it was the most flexible way for us to keep all your favorite Sims in TS4. –Sarah Holding

Question:  Will there be more than one neighborhood in The Sims 4. –Eriika Rodriguez
A:  We have only announced Willow Creek at this time =) –Nad J (translated by Google Translate)

Question:  Can we swim in the ocean? –Simocity
A:  Willow Creek does not feature an ocean, sorry!  –Sarah Holding

Question:  Can you say something about the pregnancy?  –EneaSichovich
A:  When Sims woohoo they have a chance to get pregnant? :) –Sarah Holding
A:  But seriously, you can have triplets in The Sims 4! –Sarah Holding

Question: Tell us about pregnancy and families, please!  What will the babies look like? –Renata Alba Camilo
A:  They have legs ;-) –Sarah Holding

Question:  Will Sims be able to woohoo in more than one place in the basegame? –lauren
A:  Yes!  Sims can woohoo in more than one place in The Sims 4 Base Game. –Sarah Holding


Question:  Can The Sims team share some of the new traits? –Platinum Simmers
A:  Some traits you will see are Bro, insanity, Hot Headed, and Romantic. –Shannon Copur

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Photo SimGurus Russkii, Houts, Riley, Steph, Amy, Lyndsay, Shannon and Sarah!

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News | E3 2014


“Straight from Sony’s archives, a video from the DPS 2014 featuring gameplay mechanics for the new version of Until Dawn for PS4, with still rough textures/animations”

For those looking for the source of that gifset I reblogged, OP kindly provided me with a link, so here is a short-haired Sam and a Meat-faced psycho. I believe the developers mentioned in their stream last year that they were going to use a meat mask before they came up with the one used in game, and it is pretty gruesome.


Official Batman: Arkham Knight – Batmobile Battle Mode Gameplay footage | E3 2014 |


E3 2014 Playstation gameplay trailer


‘She Looks So Perfect’ Just Dance 2014 Gameplay


E3 2014: Mortal Kombat X - Gameplay Trailer


A NetherRealms Studios Game


Platform: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360


Release Date: 2015


Gamescom demo gameplay with minimal talky talky over it.

German version (with more inventory footage)

French version


The Legend of Korra: Video-Game Gameplay & First Look (SDCC 2014)