Scalebound - Gamescom 2015 8-Minute Demo


Dark Souls 3 Gameplay, Gamescon 2015.

Bit sad to hear Dinklebot is being revoiced by Nolan North for the upcoming Taken King. I quite liked Dinklage, sure he sounded robotic, he was after all a robot! 

But I think the real problem with Ghost, is not the robotic delivery, but the script. He’s not much of a sidekick, having little to say, and when he does speak up its repetitive. He should be able to do more than act as a glorified garage door opener!

I’d hope that Bungie would address the larger issues of minimal storyline, give the Ghost more to do and say, and make him more of a companion on your journey through the world of Destiny.


Dark Souls III! I repeat DARK SOULS III!! Im super excited omg!

BB17 #1 -> The Problem with Clelli

It is an undeniable fact: Clay and Shelli have been running the house for a LONG time now. 

Being an super-fan of Big Brother, I can respect a good game, and I can give credit where credit is due - even if that means giving credit to Houseguests that I cannot stand (i.e. Frankie of BB16). I gave mad respect to Shelli, who has already won two HOHs and was a vital member of the alliance that was running the game. She is even in an intense showmance with Clay, who is a major physical threat in the game. It seems as if she has it figured out, and if she plays her cards right, the $500,000 could be easily hers.

But recently, (as of the events with Audrey and Jason) I have lost all respect for BOTH of their games.

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