I'm just gonna sit back and watch what happens when Emily and Jess see those 'gameofconfessions' posts...

…and I’m going to laugh. So. Hard.

Haters to the Wall, yo.

You know what? It was abuse. We get it. We don’t condone it. It wasn’t ok. Was he suffering from PTSD? You fucking bet. Does that make it ok? No, it fucking doesn’t. We don’t make excuses for him and try to make him into something better than what he is. He’s a killer, he’s a murderer, he’s a hater and a drunk and a fucked-up mess.

Y'all need to learn to start reading between the fucking lines. People who hate on sansan don’t even bother to question us, to listen to us, to do a little fucking research.

We don’t want them together when he’s like that. We know he has it in him to be a better man, a good man. But he’s still got a ways to go. And we believe in him, do you know why?

Because Sansa does.

The end.

30 days of Game of Thrones.

Day 05 ~ Who do you ship.

RhaegarxElia. It drives me insane, more than everything else. Even more than RhaegarxLyanna. Damn it, every other ships is like ‘ok’ to me, but everything involves Rhaegar it’s… it’s crazy. 

Of course, I’ve chosen Harry Lloyd for Rhaegar because in the books it’s told a thousand times that Viserys looks like a young Rhaegar. And Anne Hathaway as Elia BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND I THINK SHE SHOULD JUST ENTER IN THIS FANDOM AND PLEASE MAKE HER PLAY SOME DAMN ROLE BECAUSE OF REASONS.