hello hello this is owen and i wanted to try writing a fanfic


iT was a lvoley dieas adn kohai was at cfae claenin or somehtin idk waht kohai deos when café is cloesd. aSNEWAYAYS, MAkONO runned in and was leiki “oMG KOHAI-CHAN-KUN-DOMO-SAN WE AS HAVIN GAME YUO HSAVE TO COEM”

asdn kohai cham bc she has to bee loevd by aLL DA SENPAIE, saysd “alriggh”

“aLWASYR, tgh gme is att leik 8 PM/AM IEDK.”

sgo tim skip bc im lzay ttwo tge bIG GAMEMEME’

so kohaite was chillin on bLEAHchers wigh senseis bc tgey were leik makoin oug and kohai wagnd in on jugy goggisp. TGHN SUGGENDL,,, BALL CAME AND HIGT KOHAI IN DA FAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!

“asduighas” (which mean “ow”) saysad kohais.

“ogmgmd Im very much many sorry kohasi” makono sayd as he runned over to kohai and all protectgie leikd.

“hawldkjvhaas” saysdf kohaig. “yd u did do tha makono”

“idk I tghoutg it was woudfkj be funniestiger”

“wgell ig wagsest. we'ressd not frionds any moaars.”

and everyone1s is many such like “jkladfghedshlajdvsuhafiluerdglvahbgdskv” (which meansg “gasp”)

((let me know if you want more of my crappy writing skills))