quigonjoe-deactivated20140714  asked:

Your blog is the greatest xD I mean, who else creates the content you do? (seriously tho)

Thanks for the compliment!

There’s a number of other oddly specific videogame tumblrs out there which also create content like I do. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the ones I know about (EDIT: I’m gonna add new ones at the bottom as I find out about them):

There’s also a few notables that seem to have gone defunct:

  1. crossing a line is a bunch of weird clothing for animal crossing characters
  2. Please Press Start is nothing but title screens

In addition, I think these two are in a similar enough vein:

  1. Rankoban is a collection of classic tankōbon covers
  2. Context-Free Patent Art has a lot of videogame-related patents in it’s material. It has officially ended posting new material.

It’s not a tumblr, but Dead End Thrills is a curated set of beautiful screenshots and renderings from games.

And while this one isn’t game-related at all, I’m also gonna point out the crazy good motion graphics blog some friends of mine run, Motion Addicts

There are almost certainly more tumblrs out there that are similarly focused on weird, overlooked parts of games, but I don’t know about them.

There’s also plenty of room on here for you guys to start your own! Think of a topic that’s common in games but largely accepted as background noise and then go out and document it. I saw somebody on the Kotaku thread about us who wanted a blog about underwater levels in games, and I think that’s a brilliant idea!

I want to overrun tumblr with oddly specific videogame blogs.

EDIT: Ones I found out about after this post originally was posted are here.