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Snippet Of Game Guard Three

          Matthew’s heart swelled as they stepped inside the room. The darkness engulfed his vision upon entry, more so than usual, and the door slammed loudly behind them. Both brothers paused; their only source of light had faded with the closed exit. Their line of vision was completely black now; they couldn’t even get the vague outline of their hands. In a rush to better prepare themselves, they turned sharply, going back towards the door only to realize, that it was no longer present. Alfred did the same as Matthew, sliding their fingers hesitantly along the spot that used to harbor the door. It felt like blank wall now, just solid, hard wall.

            “Alfred…there…was a door here…wasn’t there?” the Canadian asked shakily, rubbing hands along it rougher.

            “Y-yeah…I thought so…”

            Apparently, someone didn’t want them to turn around. So here they were, stranded in the darkness with no idea what lay in the shadows.

            Oh, this was going to be fun, fun, fun.

            The brothers didn’t dare move, afraid of what they’d fine should they do so. Instead, they decided to scale the wall in search of a light switch, but were dejected when they found none. The room was remarkably colder than the rest, so it didn’t help matters much. The puzzles constantly seemed to get harder, and if that were indeed the case, then they would never get out.

(Sorry for such a delay for this story, I promise I’m writing it. So have a snippet of the beginning of the chapter.)