Dugtrio’s Alolan Form

Professor Huffmagic here with a very quick little tidbit in celebration of the new demo.So a lot of people have been asking about the hair that Dugtrio seems to have grown in his new Alolan form, and I wanted to throw a quick answer out here for you.

Anywhere that there is volcanic activity, but especially in Hawaii, there is something that occurs called Pele’s Hair.

Pele’s Hair is named after the Hawaii’n goddess of volcanoes. It is basically very thin strands of stretched basaltic glass. It is very light and often blows away and collects in large bunches. 

It usually forms near large flows or fountains, and looks like lustrous golden human hair.

So as it turns out, this little dude has a totally reasonable and geologic explanation for its radical surfer doo. 

All I can think of is He-man. 

Sorry for the lack of updates, school has been keeping me busy, but if you have any questions about Pokemon, or any of the new Alolan forms, feel free to ask and I will do a post just for you!

Until next time trainers!

Stay safe, and be careful of the monsters that live in the tall grass!

-Professor Huffmagic