made some icons for fun since i love this game
feel free to use and credit!

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every time a new character comes out the meta becomes fucked for a few weeks….sombra was an exception because, defying all expectations, shes Still too weak to be viable

a lot of it doesnt change really but if ur main gets a new counter its annoying. as a support main im always dying anyway so it doesnt matter

this really surprises me for some raisin. i mean every time i see overwatch patch notes pop up on me dash it’s always shit like “[x ability] does something entirely different now. [x hero] can now self-heal 30% faster. we’ve removed [x passive ability] and made it a censored term in chat so no one can ever mention it again and it will be as if it never existed.” 

overwatch patch idea

when dva boosts into a wall, her whole mech should just frickin richochet off it like a tennis ball. dva just bouncing in a zigzag down a hallway. this would have no particular gameplay benefit but it’d be tops for gamefeel, I think