Game Faces: District 2’s Brutus



Coif: 6


Pout: 4


Poise: 6


CC Style Score: 5.5

With his reflective pate, barrel chest and merciless glare, this Career Tribute reeks of stamina and menace.  It’s not difficult to imagine Brutus preparing for the Hunger Games by shouldering huge chunks of stone in the quarries of his native District 2.  


Surely, his prep team didn’t require more than 10 minutes for hair and make up, but we appreciate the sheen of his imposing skull.  In the case of Brutus, less is more. His predatory gaze in this portrait suggests that he already sees a victim on the horizon. Is it handsome Finnick or mighty Katniss?


The stance of this volunteer Victor portends violence.  It has been said that Brutus couldn’t wait to get back into the arena to fight. No doubt! Just look at his balled fists, eager to pummel.  


Game Faces: District 4’s Mags

D4F: Mags

Coif: 8

Pout: 6

Poise: 4

CC Style Score: 6.5

At 80, Mags is the most mature victor competing in the upcoming Quarter Quell. Her triumph—over five decades ago—still resonates in our Hunger Games history.  And while the Capitol may idolize the natural radiance and vigor of youth, there is also a deep appreciation for a woman who ages with dignity and grace.

When it comes to hair, Mags’ stylist scores points for showcasing her long, silver tresses. They well reflect the undulating ripples of the ocean waves of her District. (We don’t believe that a woman should ever shear her hair because of her age!) Obviously, her prep team understands the importance of a deep hair conditioner too. We like how the subtle cream blush accentuates Mags’ enviable bone structure, but a minor note: a few fake eyelashes adhered to the outer corners of her eyes would have widened her gaze. For a tutorial on how to apply lashes, go to our Capitol Couture Wink Worthy Lashes Beauty Guide.

As we know, this District 4 victor took a cue from Katniss Everdeen and volunteered for the upcoming 75th Hunger Games.  Mags must surely know that her odds as an octogenarian are not in her favor, yet her posture remains determined.  We salute her valor and loyalty.


Soooo errr…. i selected all the songs i wanna use in my tribute for Chester Bennington and ended up selecting like 90% of their songs 😅

I will try to make an epic free tribute cover EP were i incorporate parts of all these songs!!!!
*puts on gameface*
Challenge accepted :D

a list of my various tags for overwatch characters so far:

mccree: robot cowboy husband

hanzo: emo dragon furry

genji: cyborg carrot

pharah: rocket queen

ana: sniper mom

tracer: world’s fastest lesbian

zenyatta: gays into the iris

reaper: papa reyes

soldier:76: grumpy dad gameface on

reinhardt: catch phrase

mercy: not a miracle worker

lucio: musical frog friend

symmetra: my reality now

zarya: 512


Some interesting things in games. In world of games you can always find millions of interesting and absurd facts. These are just some of them. See part 2 on my tumblr blog