Game Faces: District 12’s Katniss Everdeen 

D12F: Katniss


Year of Victory: 74th Hunger Games


Coif: 10


Pout: 9


Poise: 10


CC Style Score: 9.5


Our dearest District 12 tribute Katniss never disappoints. Her natural, unadorned beauty inspires us all in the Capitol to flirt with simplicity. If only we were all blessed with her majestic stance and natural assets—especially that preternaturally long neck and regal gaze.


Her signature braid, which has spawned infinite copycat plaits and caused many a hair stylist to practice her skills, looks almost like a protective asp ready to strike. It keeps pesky wisps from her eyes when she’s scaling hurdles and shooting arrows too. Fashion and function marry so well here.


As for cosmetics, this tribute’s clean brows and minimalistic eye make up accentuate her stormy gaze. We love that her full lips feature just a dash of nude gloss. In throwing her shoulders back slightly, she shows off her strong, fit physique. Is it Peeta that she sees off in the distance, we wonder? 



Game Faces: Peeta Mellark

D12M: Peeta


Coif: 9


Pout: 7.5


Poise: 10


CC Style Score: 8.5 

Our handsome victor always looks like a leading man on a mission. Perhaps it is the unflinching courage in his eyes or his rough-hewn features. Peeta has the mournful gaze of a puppy dog and the stubborn jaw of a prizefighter. 


In this portrait, our hair stylist awards points for the victor’s thick brows and unified, left leaning hair—it lends the sense of a super hero. The straight line of his lips suggests that he may be clenching his teeth, just as he clenches his fists. The effect is quiet menace.


Of course, we all know that Peeta has a lofty aim in protecting his one and only Katniss. His defensive stance suggests that no victor will get between him and his fiancé. Love can bring on a potent adrenaline rush, which could be the greatest weapon of all. 


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