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Khajiit came out to buy furnishings and have a good time and this one is honestly feeling so attacked right now


not shown: the dwarves coming back and telling their master that they lost their target, causing prince ichi to become so enraged that the remaining butterflies surrounding him burst into flames, permanently destroying the princely aura he had up to that point

(in other words I was trying to get a feel for prince ichi because I figured I’d have fun writing him the most and guess what I was right about that. and before anyone asks, no, I haven’t started the fic yet, and it’ll probably be a while before that actually happens, so consider this to be a prototype scene that’s not guaranteed to make it into the actual fic? like I’m not even sure about this antagonist The Player but I guess I’ll talk more about him tomorrow)

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Heyyy, for the ask thing,can I request ym(cause I'm obsessed ok?),4 and 8? Thank youuu~

first impression of each other? was it love at first sight?

not quite,, yoongi thought that jimin was really cute, not super attractive but there was still something charming about him that compelled yoongi to want to look after him (even if he was a little rough with him at first). jimin found yoongi (cool and) intimidating especially because of the way he treated him, but he always made an effort to become closer because he really looked up to him.

what do they like best about their partner?

yoongi always says he loves every single thing about jimin but physically, he loves jimin’s eyes whether they’re crinkled up because he’s laughing, or he’s doing his Sexy Camera Gaze™. otherwise he loves jimin’s selflessness and his constant determination to better himself in any and every way possible. jimin loves yoongi’s tummy; also his passion and dedication to music and how he sometimes tries to be all subtle about showing kindness to others.

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