turns out there was some pretty significant optimization to be done, lol

no need to generate shadows anymore, It’ll all happen automatically as you place and remove tiles! wowowow

Recorded this earlier in the morning, finally had the chance to upload it!

This is a PREVIEW for Sburb’s new tool, the Campaign Creator. It is by NO MEANS, FINISHED! It is still a WORK IN PROGRESS! Many things are still subject to change, so I apologize for the rather crude look of it. Feel free to check my Trello for more info.

And now that I think of it, no, I do not know why I put that pipe up there. Shenanigans?

Feel free to send me suggestions or angry rants!

Figured out an in-game/concept art style for Mydhilde that I’m comfortable with. I’d like to say that this is how all the concept art is going to look for now on, but this IS the 5th time I’ve redrawn Eily and various equipment for this specific purpose, and I have a tendency to be indecisive of these things.

I got some good vibes from this attempt, tho.

These Eily portraits will primarily be used in-game for that big space in the Stats menu:


in the interest of diversifying my portfolio (why does this phrase make me gag a little?), here’s a still, unanimated (admittedly clumsily cropped) mockup of what a completed Cross Chaos could look like

first thing i noticed? a lot less work goes into making a non-animated shot. i mean, obviously, right? i personally think it looks worse but it’s got it perks; it’s easier to judge quality of static sprites, get a feel for art style, and on my end it’s easier to compose a scene

less fun to draw, though.

you know, pros and cons

oh, in case you don’t know what cross chaos is, it’s one of my many experiments with mobile; i scrapped it for a hadful of reasons (the top of which basically amounts to ‘fuck mobile’). here’s a link to the original post:

and here is, incidentally, the uncropped version of that same image:

fluffysaurus asked:

Hey! Can you tell me a bit about how you started making games?

The short version is:

  • Had to have a computer course in sixth grade
  • Didn’t want to take a lame keyboarding/word-processing class
  • Took Computer Science 1
  • Learned some C++
  • Made some dumb programs, including simple games like Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Following year, took Computer Science 2
  • Learned some Java
  • Made some more dumb programs, had a classroom Robocode tournament which was hella fun
  • Played a lot of games throughout childhood and young adulthood (and regular adulthood, too)
  • Went to college, begin majoring in Computer Science
  • Changed majors to a computer-centric business degree
  • Took a Flash/web development course in college, learned a little flash and html 4.0 and probably a little javascript
  • Played with a bunch of different javascript game engines and frameworks and made some games from scratch
  • Started blogging
  • Made some games

Current goal: make games.

Long-term goal: make games that people will pay money for and make some extra spending money. (Gotta keep those goals realistic)

Thanks for the question!


Shopping & Wallet systems now in. 

Needs prettying up for sure. Markets, petrol stations, etc spawn random ‘loot’ for your shopping joys. You can then browse the goods, pick up what you can afford and spend away.

In keeping with my desire to avoid UI systems, money is an in-environment item like everything else. 

Buy, Sell, Trade, enjoy all the comforts of the capitalist utopia. 

T minus two weeks until AGDG Demo Day might be a good occasion to try and start posting daily progress again. Base functionality is mostly there, I think I managed to get the controls right, movement has a little inertia and feels neat. Collision is just a lazy nested for loop for circles but that’s trivial to improve if it turns out necessary. Arena bounds are handed lazily as well and make the shooting while hugging the edge a bit erratic, gotta fix that up but it’s all fun and games from there.

I want to see what it would take to translate Dwarf Fortress’s world into 3d, so I started making it. I haven’t bothered with the heightmap data yet, just the actual mesh generation and management.

This is 2x2x2 chunks of 4x4x4 blocks. Small for easy testing. Every chunk only renders faces that are visible. You can also change the “level” you’re on which shows you that level and those below it. I figure this will let you jump up and down easily enough to see what dorfs are up to on lower levels.

Should the outside faces be shown for the world? If not, you could see caves underneath the surface, which would be pretty cool.

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