I did say I wanted Sburb to be fully moddable.

So I thought, hey. Why should people have to submit their weapons/items ideas to some dumb site with the hope that their content gets approved? Why can’t they just, y’know, draw a sword, put it in the game and slash more imps to bits? I think that’s what we should be doing now, you know. Slashing imps to bits. With our own custom weapons.

SO, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be working on two important aspects of Sburb: COMBAT and this idea I had, the ITEM CREATOR.

You can never have too many creators.

Slipstream was greenlit!

After 17 20 days of campaign, it is with the greatest pleasure that I announce that Slipstream received the green light. Huge thanks to everyone who helped. I promise to work hard, and I really hope we can deliver a product that lives up to everyone’s best expectations.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

Direlands - Spell Effects

Working on prettying up spell effects a bit.  Sadly, I’m going to have to push the next build back to next week.  I ended up adding more stuff than I expected, I haven’t had time to fine-tune a lot of it.  It should be massively improved from the last one, so please bear with me.

I’ve been spending the day tweaking things, along with re-writing the dialogue system from scratch.

Red text in speech indicates keywords. Keep an eye on those.

Green text in the response box indicates that the word will actually trigger a response from the person you’re talking to. You don’t actually have to type out full sentences, though.

I’ve seen a few posts lately from devs who lost progress due to computer issues/crashes.

Public service announcement: use off-site backups to prevent losing progress when your computer dies. Github, Bitbucket and other version control systems are great for this. Heck, Dropbox works for backups in a pinch.

It’s a little bit of a hassle right now, but if your computer dies and you’re able to continue developing right where you left off, you’ll be glad you went to the trouble.

So I’m back to this game again! My motivation was running dry for Avoidance, so for now I’ll be working on Charlotte’s Dream. I think I’m going to keep switching between them instead of just working on one at once since I’m having trouble keeping myself motivated, so hopefully this way I can at least keep myself busy working on stuff.

Anyhow, I added in all the attack animations again and the projectiles! There are no hitboxes on attacks yet, that’s the next step. It doesn’t look like much has changed but everything is way less of a headache now! Oh, and projectiles come out faster too since I thought they were too slow originally.

Sorry for the delayed update. The Summer heat has made it quite difficult to work on my old computer and it’s suffering from overheating problems.

The basic geometry of the house is complete. The doors hold the key to crossing into another world, but how will it work? It is a mystery.

Insanity Jam 4 is Now Over!

Whoops, I was not on the ball with the end of this jam at all! But thanks so much for participating! We’ve got 10 games submitted, so be sure to check them out and rate them! You have 2 weeks to give them a rating, and then it’s all over!

Thanks! :D

IndieCade #SoundWall: Blitz Breaker

Title: Title Theme

Music and Sound Designer: Fatbard Music

Game: Blitz Breaker

Developer: Boncho Games

“ Blitz Breaker is a twitch platformer based around simple controls. The player cannot run, only jump and perform air dashes in one of 4 directions.
The submitted work is the super charged title theme, which captures the energy and fun of the game. ”

Want to be featured in next week’s #SoundWall? We’d love to hear what you’re working on! Find out how to send us your game’s music: [Submit Audio Here]

Listen to more indie game music: [IndieCade #SoundWall Collection]

Tighter Controls! Arclight 1.0.2

Tom here! We’ve buzzed out a new patch for Arclight Cascade, fixing a couple of bugs (whoops) and adding a couple of features (yay!)

The big change is the keyboard control scheme, Arclight Cascade is still best played with a Gamepad but now aiming with a mouse is more natural; it’s easier to line up swings and simultaneously easier to swing like crazy (depending on how you take your laser swords).

We’re looking to keep updating this game with small fixes and features like this (and a MASSIVE update for the Greenlight release) so stay tuned!

Full Patch Notes:

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Indies VS Gamers voting is over

Jam voting is over!

But you have to wait a bit longer to find out who won. While we verify the results, you canupdate your games in preparation for the Gamer Challenge.

We’ll announce the start date of the Gamer Challenge as soon as we’ve finished coordinating it with PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. We want to make sure it’s big!


Your builds are now unlocked. Take this opportunity to work out the kinks and update your game builds.


Get your tokens ready! Soon it will be time to duke it out for top spots on the scoreboards–and a place of honor on this page!