Tales of Symphonia community question! You can answer by reblogging, replying, or sending me a message/ask. I will tally it up and post my favorite responses with a response of my own to theirs.

Anyone who follows me knows I love doing these. I always respond to everyone and I would love as much people in the Tales community to answer this one.

This is a good one to me and I’m very interested to hear everyone’s opinion. It doesn’t necessarily have to be who you choose in the game and can be just who you like better.

Question: Kratos or Zelos? Tell me which one you choose and why.

Still trying to get back into the swing of things with my recently un-earthed wacom. I had a brain-wave while working earlier about shading and I think it paid off nicely. I’m not too confident drawing armored characters in general but I think this one of Samus from the Metroid series turned out pretty alright. I started it at about…3:45 or 4pm and it’s nearly 6 now so about 2 hours I think?