Here are 3 promo images I made for upcoming TOME AMVs I have planned! These are some personal projects that I’ve been aching to get started on. It’s still gonna be a while before I start on the editing process, but I do have another AMV that I’ll be making this summer! Also, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to make one of these AMVs I have planned here (I won’t say which one though!). I would really LOVE to, but for now the future is uncertain.

A special poster featuring much of the series’ central characters that I created a year and a half ago, in celebration of the final episode’s release! You can purchase it, along with plenty of other awesome TOME merchandise from Level Up Studios!

Also this week, we’ll be releasing a TOME-themed “Did You Know Voice Acting?” video, an ALL-NEW Animated Short that takes place after the end of the series…and on Saturday the 12th, we’ll be doing a very special marathon stream raising money for Child’s Play! All the details right here!


TOME 2009 Original Concept Art (Part 1)

This was an overworld map of what the land of “TOME” would’ve looked like in the game concept. Three of the regions found on the land were “Purplecave” (which became ;lavendera), “Mechvalley” (which became ;mechcity) and of course “Sanctuary”. “Edoland” became the woods area of ;lavendera with Asterob’s mansion was located, while “StartingPoint” was a boardwalk-type area where all players would log in from. The location names with arrows pointing to spaces in between the overworld images were meant to signify a level you could go to, depending on which “episode” you were playing. Originally, the Netking Path (or “HOME” in the series) was also connected to the D-Bug HQ via Zetto’s room, which would’ve played a part in the finale. This was scrapped in favor of the sun and moon concept, while a later design of TOME’s central hub was used for the show as well.

Some slight differences on our hero Alpha’s design at this stage. He had two of the hair spikes over one side, his “II” markings didn’t go past his eyebrows from the top and he still had a reptilian tail instead of a feathery one like his wings. I gave him tiny, characterized wings and long baggy clothes to signify his more-timid nature. I also had a little test of his “Demon” form up in the corner.

Good ol’ Kirb! By this time, I had been using the “imp” design for a few years, but I made some further refinements to make him look more tattered and thief-like. You can see the stitch patterns were slightly different compared to the final and he still had the fishnets like in the other artwork I’d do of him. His eyebrows were also skinnier and one of them was scarred, like mine!

Flamey’s clothing was pretty much settled on, but her hair definitely needed some fine-tuning. I wanted something a little more outlandish and unique compared to her TTA design, but I was suggested by Mike Luckas to change the shape of it to something less extravagant. She was also still doing the sticking-tongue-out thing a lot more, which she never actually did in the show. I later gave her the tiny fireball-shaped eyebrows and the symbol on her headband. You can also see early ideas for the spiraling-like visuals for her fire attacks.

GC hasn’t changed too much from design to design, but a few key differences helped to streamline the way I drew him. I later stretched out his shoulder button-pads to look like they were protruding from his skin, then changed his shadowy arm-blade to look more like a hand that had shape-shifted. At one point, he also had a technique where he’d transform into a black smoke, but I left that exclusively to Dustbunny and had GC stick with more slime-oriented transformations.

This was the legendary sketch that sparked my idea for Nylocke’s famous catchphrase-spouting jumps, right down to the pose. He a bit shrimpier and more on the anime-side at this stage, but I think you can still tell from the expressions that I already had his personality figured out. Also, big mystery solved: Nye’s ice blade is called the “Hoarfrost”! It also previously had the kanji for “Ice” on it, but I scrapped that.

Here we are! Thanks again to everyone in the stream chat for helping us pick out the gang’s costumes this year!

-Alpha as a box of Hot Pockets
-Zetto as…Kirbopher
-Flamegirl as Azula from Avatar
-sofdti as Vivian from Paper Mario
-Nylocke as Asgore from Undertale

Check out the full stream right here!

Big thanks to Jourdan Lasko for joining us!

Let’s face it, we all have internet/real life friends like the TOME gang (Terrain of Magical Expertise by Christopher Niosi/ @kirbopher check it out on YouTube).

The Alpha: The shy, nice one that encourages others and worries about them even if they’re on the other side of the planet. (Protect the cinnamon roll at all costs)

The Flamegirl: The confident one that likes all their goofy weird friends despite their weirdness. (Sometimes also likes to take part in the weirdness themself!)

The Nylocke: The one that just LOVES to have fun with their friends online and just wants everybody to have a good ol’ time! (But of course, they have some things they, don’t necessary like to talk about on their end)

The Kirbopher: The one that always looks for a fight, it doesn’t matter where they are FIGHT ME IRL!!! (Nobody can really take them seriously)

The Gamecrazed: The one that doesn’t talk a lot, but still cares for their friends, sticking up for them from time to time. (Prefers to keep things to themselves to not worry their friends).

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