Actively working to summon my familiar

As most of you know, I’ve been working on summoning my familiar for a while now. It’s a complicated process as I’m summoning an actual cat-a very specific cat. Since casting the spell, I’ve taken numerous steps to feed my spell and keep it actively attracting my familiar. This week I made toys for him. These are little felt toys stuffed with catnip I grew myself. It’s important to feed slow acting spells regularly so you keep your focus on the goal and attract what you want. He should be here around Halloween. 

Morgan Cleaned and recovered

Morgan’s person wrote:

I’d like to see if it’s possible to restore my stuffed dog, Morgan, to a point where I can snuggle him without worrying that he’ll fall apart.

Like many Morgan dogs, Morgan was once pink and he had short fur.  This Morgan had an interesting stuffing mix of foam and beans. Usually, when Morgan’s come to the hospital their skin has become quite thin.  Many people opt to have them lined (as some of my previous posts have shown).  This Morgan’s person was very concerned with sturdiness, so the plan was to recover him.  Here he is on arrival at the hospital:

As you can see, he’s missing most of his fur.  He started with a spa:

Then we went through fur options for recovering him.  This was what his person chose.  It’s very soft… but sewing with it is very messy because it sheds a lot!

Once his fur was recovered, his person chose a new lining for his inner ears:

Then he got restuffed, and of course his heart was made with original stuffing and put in… I used his ear lining fabric.

And his new stuffing was a mixture of foam, polyfiber, and beans.  His person opted to leave the whites of his eyes alone. Here he is all better:

Morgan flew home and his person sent this photo:

She wrote:

He’s so cuddly!  His new fur is so soft, and the feeling of the new stuffing is close to his original, but cushier!  I’m very excited to have Morgan back and very happy with his restoration.
I’ve attached a few pictures of him hanging out with his contemporaries from my childhood, telling them about his new look! I think they’re jealous of the spa treatment, so you may be seeing them soon!

Well his contemporaries (Violet and Baa Baa) did come to the hospital a few weeks later for spas.  Here they are in the bubble baths:

And, after a couple trips back and forth, we got their new stuffing right.  Here they are, all better!

Clean and happy and ready to rejoin Morgan!