Hang The DJ (The 80s HS AU no one asked for)

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Rating: T

Words: 13k (hnnnng)

Warnings: Mild drug use (weed), Cursing, and use of the q-slur.

Pairing: Klance (Voltron)

Summary: Lance can’t get along with someone who likes the Smiths, he tells himself, after Allura rejects him and his Michael-Jackson-esque proposal for a date because she “prefers the Smiths”.

Then, Keith (the boy who Lance does nothing but compete with in gym class) gives him a mixtape of his ‘favourite Smiths’ songs’, to which Lance promises he won’t listen to any of them. Proceeded by Lance listening to the tape on repeat for an entire weekend.

[Inspired by 80s music, high school life, and riddled with their awful slang.]

anyway here’s wonderwall

“You guys will never guess what I got my mom to buy.”

Lance’s shit eating grin speaks for itself as he waves around a plastic bag and his walkman excitedly.

Pidge looks uninterested. “You got a cassette?” they ask, raising a thick brow in response.

Hunk grimaces. “Yeah, dude, that’s not that cool. 

“You guys are real buzz-kills,” Lance says with an eye roll, pulling out the cassette and waving it in their faces. “It’s Jackson guys! The man himself, and I have his fucking album! And we’re going to listen to it, right now.” He shuffles with the tape, fumbling it into its slot.

Pidge leans back against the wall, huffing. “It’s not even a CD, Lance. The sound’s gonna come out tinny and you can’t even use a walkman without headphones.”

Lance freezes and practically rips the cassette out of the walkman, tossing it on his bed and running to his closet to fumble around for something. Hunk pipes up, “Watcha lookin’ for, man?”

A mumbled reply - “stereo!” - is heard from inside the closet, and Lance emerges with a clunky silver stereo in hand. “Gee, I hope this thing works, it’s like five years old,” he says, before throwing in the cassette and hitting play.

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