asktheionianwarlord asked:

// Are you a fan of gaming? If so, do you have any games you absolutely love :) ? (Also sorry for no response yet, exams are currently ruining my life)

// Yeah I’m definitely into video games.

Huge fan of the Legend of Zelda Series, classic Mario games, and I was big on StarCraft and Warcraft (though absolutely horrible when asked to face another human). My first gameboy was a clear pocket version, because I wanted to see the “guts”. I loved Pokemon and anything strategy. The Advance Wars games are great, as well as Final Fantasy Tactics. I played Call of Duty in highschool religiously, World at War being my favorite. These days it’s league, maybe Minecraft. So yes, huge gaming nerd here. I like board games too like Settlers of Catan. If you think board games are boring, watch the show “Tabletop” on YouTube. Don’t worry about the reply, take your time!