gameboy mods

The Bangaa are even cuter in the Tactics games on the gameboy


oh my god??????????????

-Mod R


Splatoon-themed Nintendo SquidKids are for sale!

Each one has a completely unique paint-splattered design, bright orange backlit screen, new screen cover, internal prosound mod, and comes inside special paint can packaging along with a custom-printed reversible blue/orange carrying pouch as well as a couple other small surprises!

These are SUPER-LIMITED, only 25 being produced, so get one while you can!


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My talents include remodeling old game boys.
This is my gbc that allmightylordhelix gave me.
I changed the shell to a teal with pink new buttons. I also added a front light.

I love this hobby. On eBay front lit game boys sell for a high price.

Maybe this is a hobby I could profit from? Do you think people would be interested in buying these refurbished babies??

Let me know what you think!

So happy how this turned out. There was several “F*** this, I give up” moments but after a few work arounds I was able to finish it.

Things I added/changed:
-New Buttons
-New Case
-New Screen
-New Battery Holsters
-Replaced Cartridge Shielding
-Pro Sound RCA Outputs
-1 Pizza Sticker