gameboy atomic purple

i really like posts about childhood games so heres one of mine:

back in late 1999 me and my sibling had a shitty little windows 95 in The Backroom (a weird room attached to both of our bedrooms) and every day at whatever o clock we’d watch the one hour of pokemon that would air on our shitty little tv while we sat on our shitty little couch with a stain on it from that time i wasted a dozen eggs trying to hatch one by sitting on it and during WHO’S THAT POKEMON we’d guess (K would guess the pokemon and I would try to replicate the sound we were very good at it)

and then when it was over we would “play pokemon” on the computer. that is, we would pretend to be pokemon and launch our entire bodies at each other and then K would type some stuff in a notepad file and decide who won the battle. this notepad file was like…. horrifically detailed. it had stats and math and how those stats applied to each pokemon and how they changed as it leveled and i was off to the left, five years old shouting “LETS FIGHT SOME MORE” while my ten year old sibling was busy manually calculating a pokemon game because we didn’t have the actual games

then christmas rolled around and i got blue version and the ATOMIC PURPLE gameboy color and K got red version and a yellow gameboy color and we traded with a link cable and we never played computer pokemon ever again the end

Edc game too strong
Edit —-

ZEV Factory G19 / RMR
iPhone 6S
ZT - don’t remember the model
Gaff tape
CCW / $1 dollar bill
Wallet - Hershel ( shitty )
Gameboy color - atomic purple / Zelda
Sentinel NV
Keys to the whips!