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Share 5 things your followers may not know about you and pass this on to 5 more blogs! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


i did this a couple days ago but im a slut 4 these kinds of asks and ily so u get five more

  1. im a picky eater and it annoys me more than anyone who says they dont like picky eaters. ive gotten a lot better as ive gotten older but its still pretty bad and its so irritating!!!!
  2. i have an older brother and two lil nephews!!!
  3. my dad is a minister. he doesnt know a lot about my sexuality or my lifestyle or anything bc 
  4. my parents are divorced and have been since i was 3!!! and ive always lived w/ my mama
  5. i used to play call of duty competitively lmao. not for money or anything like gamebattles or MLG but back in modern warfare 2 era i played competitively in a league that used sniper rifles exclusively (quickscoping). i was rly good but the community started getting super toxic and it began dying out so i was like eh

On the way down side a guy I matched against in GB’s invited me to a party after the match (mind you, this was my first GB match and I thought you were supposed to join) so I did and his friend was like “do you have a twitter? I said do you have a twitter?” And I couldn’t hear him bc I put my chat down, so I was turning it up and I said “huh?” And he was like “oh my.. are you fucking retarded? God you’re so stupid. You’re probably ugly.”

I tried SO hard not to say something bc it’s supposed to be PG in the house so I left the party. guys why u gotta be so fucking disrespectful.


My 1v2 clutch ( dubs match with my boyfriend )

Watch on


That’s four.

Game Battles

so I am in this gaming league. Right now I have been doing the 2v2 ladder, and we have not been doing too good, we are 2 wins and 7 losses. It is so frustrating to lose, especially when most of the games are really really close games. Gah! Hope this is just a starting slump, and we start doing good. 

This site is pretty cool though, hope to be “professional” one day lol.


Logen Starkey and I played a match yesterday. These are just two quick highlights  of the game I captured so that I could render them in 720 HD. The quality came out very good. 


watch 15 yr old me go clutch against semi pros we use to clown so hard on this shit