I’ve been experimenting a lot with my drawing and art style this year. I subscribed to ArtSnacks in January (each month they send a selection of 4-5 art supplies) and I’ve found that it has encouraged me to experiment, and to draw more regularly. It’s also introduced me to products I either didn’t know existed or wouldn’t have thought to use.

I do the “ArtSnacks Challenge” each month - creating an image using all of that month’s products. Having a small set of supplies to work with removes the procrastination aspect of shuffling through my art supplies and wondering what I should work with.

So now I’m just trying to work out how I can use this style in a game.

- Jess

HELLO! So, in celebration of @therealjacksepticeye noticing my art (AHHHH!) I thought I would post this old portrait that I did of @markiplier and Freddy for Halloween last year! ^-^

No, of course I don’t plan on being so lucky as to having BOTH of them see my art in this lifetime haha. But I thought some of you new followers would like it! Mark is amazing and SUCH a lovable guy, and i’m so glad he exists. Same for Jack! And for everyone. ❤