The days that are the hardest are the days when Richard blanks out entirely. His jaw will go slack and his eyes will go blank, staring off into nothingness. Sebastian can’t ever predict when they’ll happen or for how long, he just does the best he can to make Richard comfortable.
(Different by GameandWolf)

bearhaunt asked:

Do you have any suggestions for people I should follow for more mystrade and mormor?

I’m not the best person to ask for Mystrade recs, but definitely check out MystradeDoodles and Marmosette. Ask them for recs and they’ll fill your askbox to bursting <3

As for mormor *cracks knuckles*:

anonymous asked:

hello, dear! :) I'm curious! what are your favorite mormor fics?

Hi, anon! I have a lot of favourites, but if I had to specifically choose:

And I also love taggianto’s drabbles and ficlets which you can find here. c:

Wow, how did I only just discover GameandWolf's fics?

I’ve only read two so far but I’m kind of just staring at my computer screen like O____O and I don’t know what my feelings are doing, so here have two mini-reviews and go check them out if it’s your thang:

1. Deprived (summary: With Jim under the influence of a drug that cuts off four of his five senses, Sebastian takes an opportunity he knows he’s never going to get again.)

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moriartysbestkeptsecret replied to your post: Like a Caffeinated Ashtray

yes. It has been a while since you updated and can I tell you this was perfection. Like I’ve been waiting for a good mormor to come out for a while and here it is! you, and taggianto, and gameandwolf are the golden trio. <3

Um. You have no idea how happy this made me. Because. 


I love them.

(and you <3)

thetrashiestoftrash asked:

Out of curiosity, what IS your flavor of MorMor? I haven't been following for too long, but I hadn't really heard "Murder Husbands" before. And there are so many flavors of MorMor, some that are hardly recognizable as representing the same ship.

My flavor of Mormor is much fluffier than a lot of people’s. The boys I write have been together for five years (married for three.) They’ve been through a lot, and are mostly past the getting-over-the-fact-we-have-feelings-for-each-other stage. They love each other, trust one another completely, and basically go about running a criminal empire and shagging at the end of the day. They have their problems, and they are not without their fights (this is a good example of that)

That being said, I have read and enjoy several different flavors of Mormor. Notably, anything written by GameandWolf. Several of her fics hurt me (*cough*deprived*cough*) but several others are just genuinely delightful even if they don’t line up with my headcanons (Different is the one that springs to mind).

Generally, I enjoy anything that gives Jim and Sebastian weight. That makes them believable and doesn’t reduce them to cartoon villains. If that’s how you ship them, that’s great! I just like depth to what i read and write. <3

221b-locked asked:

Here to help! XD I'm glad you liked my rec. It's lovely to find fans with similiar tastes. So you write fanfic as well? I'm only reading & reccing, not creating, but I'm always eager for new fanwork!

THANK YOU FOR POINTING ME IN THAT DIRECTION. I am forever in your debt. Unf.

And yes, I have plans for Mormor fics… if the boys will stop being stubborn and actually give me some plotlines to work with. Doodles has graciously given me several prompts to go on and I’ve got the beginning of a collar fic brewing in my mind. Stay tuned!