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The guys reactions to having beards (you can give the length of your choice! from goatee to dumbledore)

I assumed that them getting beards is a surprise and happened suddenly due to unknown forces. Enjoy~

(I would have put pictures there for reference but for some reason it didn’t post with them on?? Sorry!)


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He’s not in the least bit impressed with his ground length beard. Not at all. His first challenge is getting over the shock. His second challenge is shaving it all off…


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What a drama queen. Though even Urie has trouble pulling off a close shaved and patchy beard… Yeah he’s going to sulk for a while…


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He’s shocked at the lumberjack like beard that has suddenly appeared on his face. He spends a while running his hands through the coarse hair before deciding that the blonde bushy beard isn’t for him. 


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As always Shiki keeps an alarmingly cool head about the weirdness going on. It’s the others around him that suffer the most. His purple beard and moustache designed in such a way that they curl outwards is not a good look for anyone, human or otherwise. 


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He’s done. So very done. He’s utterly unimpressed with his blue bushy beard, not because of looks but because hE HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS ENOUGH IN DOG FORM AS IT IS. HE DOESN’T WANT MORE HAIR. Though he’d probably be very good at maintaining it


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Although he might have not minded a beard, but one that goes down to his knees isn’t what he had in mind. Not to mention the colour of it makes it look more like a flame than facial hair.