saw it was International Left-Handed Day, August 13th. and the first one that came to mind is him of course. i really want to get to draw NivanField these days buti’ve been a bit swept with work lately. then this… i was supposed to be assigned with urgent job today, but nothing came into my inbox and there’s nothing i can do after sending inenquiry e-mail asking ‘what happened to that urgernt work?’ lol. so meanwhile, why not to run into NivanField.

It’s from RE Veronika novel by SD. Perry; official and canon. 

well, Chris you…

Dude, didn’t you hear what Jill said? Millions will die! and he just “Well yeah, but–” (seriously, I almost ship them…I might have, if I weren’t already knee-deep in NivanField.)


Then this:

knowing there’s nothing he could do, but still can’t just walk away to save himself.



“There’ll be a day when you have to come with a decision. Kill them or be killed.” … and he still spoke about it cooly. You weren’t cool or exactly level-headed about it, dude ;v;.

(I re-read RE1 novel and RE Veronica (only at Chris’s part, lol) by SD. Perry, a while ago. Have a lot to talk about it XD and of course still a lot to draw. But as this past week has been a little hectic for me with jobs and things coming up (karma for having too many free time in July), I’ll just post about this first as I’d like to share and wanna talk about it. I may sound like a retarded again=v=;, talking about old stuff that people may have talked about already. But who cares!?)

It seems Claire managed her emotion better than Chris? Then again, Claire changed a lot in RE Revelations 2. Waking up in dilapidated asylum, she was still calm and level-headed (that was when I started liking her…I used to dislike her…duh, my reason was stupid). But then she was too assertive with Natalia…what happened to the sweet Claire when she first met young Sherry in RE2 and that little girl in RE Degeneration!?). I read somewhere that it’s Capcom fault for putting her that way just to make Moira take the role of bigger sis. If that isn’t the case then, Claire’s just changed. In a way, it’s not too surprising, given her job. Then at the game’s end, she dragged herself away from Moira who fell behind with zero chance of escaping, in the span of 20 seconds. Previous to that, she managed her resolution to put an end to her entrusted senior, Neil, in matter of seconds? And Claire was just 18 when she faced Raccoon’s nightmare, and kickassing at that.

Chris definitely took time longer than her! Not to mention he needed a frigging firm push and pull (needed Jill to push him to leave her in RE5, needed Piers to pull him away from mutated Finn, needed Piers to pull him from thoughts of vengeance, needed Piers to push him into escape pod and needed an escape pod to pull him to the surface or else he just wouldn’t leave without Piers).