game:questions only




“You want some of this?”

“Didn’t I have that and threw it out?”

I love Whoopi xD


Whose Line is it Anyway-Questions Only: Wild West Saloon

Ryan’s English accent is sooo good!

questions only

i agree, and i’m not knocking anyone else’s opinion but to be honest, you can’t really form one when she wasn’t on the show a lot.

Kathy is great… I worked with her on Second City in Canada. Again, very funny and not given the chance on Whose Line to show what she can do. She does great characters, she’s very fast, and I always felt bad ‘cause she never got a chance to do what she can do on Whose Line.” – Colin Mochrie


Questions only on the Titanic


Excuting: Movie Magic!

Cedric: I don’t have the bits for them kind of special effects, but me and Gargle did manage to buy a cheap second camera! He is still learning how to use it, as you can probably tell.


Interactive #9 

(I’m sure Reeler could help these two.)

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