Here’s the reference for my type pendants! The Radiant Chamber floor!

I’d been looking for a reference for this for a while, but no one seemed to have caught any good view of the different symbols, so I did it myself! :D

The types seem to follow a common type order, starting with Normal type and then continuing counterclockwise and finishing at Fairy type. For the most part the type symbols match the card game symbols, with Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Fighting and Psychic type symbols matching perfectly. Dark type is almost identical to the card game symbol but with a slight protrusion at the bottom.

The Normal, Dragon, Steel and Fairy type symbol differ from the card game symbols. The floor was likely designed before Dragon and Fairy type cards were released, so it’s no surprise that they differ from the TCG symbols, but I’m not sure why Normal and Steel types were given unique symbols.

Normal type seems to be more abstract than the other types (if I’m missing something, let me know), as I’m not sure how it relates to the type.

Ice, rather typically, is a snow flake. A good symbol, not much to add.

Poison is represented by three bubbles.

Flying seems to be either two wings or two feathers. I prefer to think it’s the latter since it seems more fitting for a symbol.

Ground seems to be a mound of earth or a mountain

Bug is a bug. Nice and simple.

Rock type is a circle surrounded by three bars, which I like because it seems like a like a more basic version of the steel TCG symbol (metal being refined rock). Probably unintentional, by still cool. ;)

Ghost is a wispy ghost shape. For my pendant I added eyes from the fog badge, since symbol seems a little bare without any.

Dragon is hard to work out, as far as I can tell it seems to be two horns (again, let me know if I’ve missed something).

Steel is a simple square. Flat edges and sharp corners seem to match metal well.

Fairy is a pink circle in another pinky circle. I like this since with a little tweaking it’s not too different from the card game symbol.

We there you go, that all the type symbols from Diantha’s floor in the Radiant Chamber. I hope this helps anyone who’s been wondering what the symbols look like or had been squinting at their 3DS to work them out (I know I was when I played, haha).

Check out my type pendants if you have time,

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