Assassin´s Creed ridiculous deaths compilation

The ‘Articulations are Overrated’ Death

The ‘To be or not to be’ Death

The ‘Hangover’ Death

The ‘NSFW’ Death

The ‘Present Arms’ Death

The ‘Breakdance’ Death

The ‘Really?’ Death

The ‘My body is ready’ Death

The ‘Paint me like one of your french girls’ Death

The ‘Spagat’ Death

The ‘Limbo’ Death

The ‘Articulations are overrated 2′ Death

The Floating Dead

About Assassin´s Creed Ezio XD

It is time to write this post about Assassin’s Creed, now that I have let the story settle down and I feel like talking about it.

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When I played the first AC three years ago, after finishing it all my friends recommended me to start the ACII. By then I didn’t have that much time to play so I waited. Finally I started it last year. With a little break in the middle, I’ve played the ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations as if they were just one game. It had been too long since I enjoyed a game so much. It’s everything: the plot, the locations, the period… I’ve been studying art history since I was 14, the Renaissance is my favourite period, and going to Italy is a dream I want to fulfill someday… Just image how much I enjoyed walking around Florence, Venice, Rome… recognizing the locations, things I’ve seen many times in books…and climb all of them XD I enjoyed it as a little kid.

Besides Ezio’s arc is simply great, his story and development are perfect. The only bad thing is Assassin’s Creed Embers. The short that works as an epilogue and which in my opinion is innecessarily tragic. I hate this kind of epilogues so I’ve erased Embers from my memory XD The main story, with Desmond and co. is good too although I’m worried about it being extended through all AC.

Anyway, in order to not make this an awefully long post, I’m going to answer that ask once again :D

-Favorite Male Character

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I love Ezio, but…Yusuf! He is designed to be loved. That’s it. And look at that face. I feel in love with him as soon as he appeared XD He is a fantastic character, lighthearted and a very funny contrast with Ezio in Revelations.

-Favorite Female Character

Claudia has gone through the same as Ezio, and like him she suddenly finds herself in a life she’s not accustomed to and in which she has little options. It was a relief to see that in Brotherhood, she finally made clear to Ezio that she was also there and she was as capable as him. The moment when they make up and Ezio asks her to join the assassins was one of my favourite moments in Brotherhood.

-Least favorite character

There isn’t any main character in Ac that I don’t like. Last time I said the bards, but at least they sing epic songs about you. So this time I’m gonna say the cadgers that assault you and tell you off and they’re really annoying

-Favorite Ship

Look at them, they’re so cute together. I also like Sofia, I like the women Ezio falls in love with, but I prefer Cristina because I think they look better together XD And because they deserved a second chance ;_;

-Favorite Friendship

Friendship is magic XD

-Favorite quote

I have lived my life as best I could, not knowing its purpose, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon. And here, at last, I discover a strange truth. That I am only a conduit for a message that eludes my understanding.

Ezio’s arc is perfect. I love his story and his development. The fact that he is able to understand his role in what happens and that he is satisfied with it and ready to start another stage of his life is something I just loved. (And that’s why I hate Embers, for fucking up the happy ending of revelations XD)

- Worst Character Death

I already talked about it. Yusuf’s death is the saddest of the game. Specially since you don’t see it. He doesn´t even have some last words. It is cruel. Dear lord how much I cried.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment

When Claudia joins the brotherhood

- Saddest moment

It is Yusuf’s death ;_________;

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But since I don’t want to repeat I’m gonna say the second worst death of the game. Lucy’s death is hard because of how it happens. It is a really well done scene with a lot of impact. Furthermore it is sad to find out why in Revelations. In fact AC was all fun and parkour until you reach Brotherhood where everything turns a constant ‘NONONONONONONONO, WHY?!’  XD

- Favorite Location

 Istanbul. There are wonderful areas and it has the most beautiful night(shitty caption from my gameplay)

And that´s all XD Thanks for reading :D