game: world of warcraft

Their reaction upon hearing about Anduin and Wrathion relationship

For @shatterstar1998. The Cameo Sentinel and Milda were exchanging the latest gossips and the leaders overheard them.

Anduin: (Pretendes he was somewhere else. Anywhere else.)

Ghost Varian: It think… That this family has a little problem with the Black dragonflight. Just a thought.

The Council of Three Hammers

Muradin: I approve. I this culture it takes some guts to be with… Er…You know. Into guys when you are a guy.
Moira: After what happened in Blackrock I have little fondness of the Black dragons. But it is Anduin we are talking about. It’s gonna be fine.
Get yerself a boyfriend who can fly! Am I right? (Elbows his gryphon)

Tyrande: I don’t think it is true. I don’t want it to be true. Therefore it is not true.

Mekkatorque: Does it directly affect me? No. Is it my problem? Also no. Can I do something about it? Probably yeah. Do something like… Good wedding gifts.

Velen: Hadn’t Wrathion knocked Anduin out during Garrosh’s trial? Well, not like I anted to see all of those either but. You know. This seems kind of… Possessive move.

Genn: I strongly disapprove of your relationship, King Anduin. It is no manner for the royalty to… Take so much interest in someone of the same sex.

Tess: (Pops out lollipop from her mouth) I’m shagging Lorna.
Tess: Just thought I’d mention, pops.

Aysa: It is a very progressive move from both sides. Wrathion is tying healthy contacts with his surrounding and Anduin is setting a good example for all the biased Humans

Thrall: Hold on, hold on. Who is Wrathion? I vaguely remember Anduin, but who the hell is Wrathion?

Spirit of Vol'jin: Dis ain’t gonna get a happy endin’. Dragons outlive humons. By a long, long mile.In a hunddath years ya’re gonna be havin’ a black dragon whelp roamin’ da Azeroth mad with love loss.

Ghost Garrosh: Black dragons? Evil! Humans? Also evil! It makes perfect sense these two are together, if you ask me.

Baine: They both are welcome in Thunder Bluff to spend some… time together. As long as they don’t set it on fire.

Sylvanas: So Anduin is flirtng with a dark force of questionable morals AND Genn Greymane disapproves? I have just something here for this occasion.

Sylvanas: (Pulls out her party blower)
Lor’themar: Don’t. You are going to cry again.

Lor'themar: Is Anduin gaining tame lava boy, or is Wrathion gaining tame Light boy? I just want to know who is supposed to be the more destructive force in the relationship. Every relationship needs a destructive force.

Gallywix: Oooooh! Can I plan the wedding? I’ll plan the wedding! Leave it in my hands, huns, it’s going to be a-we-some!

Wrathin: We aren’t getting married!
Anduin: We… We aren’t? Oh. And I thought…
Aysa: I am going to be a bride! I always wanted to be a bride!

Ji: Anduin is going to teach Wrathion kindness. Wrathion is going to teach Anduin that you need to act. Wrathion gets a healer. Anduin gets a dragon. everything is perfect.

Taedal: I don’t want to be that guy but… Isn’t Wrathion the last Black dragon? I know that Anduin is a fine boy, all things considered, but shouldn’t Wrathion focus more on getting someone who can… Lay eggs with him?

Taedal: I know we still have Sabellian and his band in Outland, but we aren’t supposed to know about them and count them in, so I brought this up. I don’t want to be a killjoy. CG, you two.

+Bonus Tess: So, guys… Double Date?