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In case you didn’t know, so far this year USA Hockey has won:

World Juniors

Men’s U-18

Women’s U-18

Women’s world championship

The only loss in all of these tournaments was to Canada in the preliminary rounds of the women’s U-18s, where we ended up beating them in the finals. In every other tournament the US was undefeated. Try and tell me how the US isn’t a hockey country again?

Carter Hart #1

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1.  I am really hoping that you could do a Carter Hart imagine please! If possible something really cute and fluffy, especially after the gold medal game last night. Please and thank you!

2.  awe awe awe you should do a Carter Hart imagine :,)))) seriously anything can happen !! I just love that boy so much

*Thank you so much! I loveeee that littly kid. Ugh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for the wait. :)*

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The Hart family arranged a whole party to welcome Carter back home. They made the call when Canada got into the semis and were very sure that they would beat Sweden and, eventually, Team USA. They did beat Sweden but they fell short during the final game.

They fell short. Ugh. You hate that phrase. Canada did not fall short. Carter Hart did not fall short of anything. He played his heart out there and he gave his all. Anyone who wanted to argue with you on that should be prepared for the verbal beating of a lifetime. No one insults Carter Hart and especially not in front of you.

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