game: the cave

I played The Cave by Double Fine recently and I really liked it but frick it’s such a big design flaw to have to play the same parts of a game 4+ times to see the whole story. Not to mention the fact that u control three characters who have to run the same routes following eachother around and backtracking everywhere triples that already multiplied amount…

Dispite everything, I still think it’s underrated though. It’s such a really unique concept (I love purgatory stories though so i might be biased), fun puzzles, great atmosphere, incredibly cool character and level design and fricking amazing artwork. <3 Idk I mean i played it 3 times so lol. Obviously I liked it.

shadowsandbag  asked:

The backtracking in The Cave is actually even worse than that, its been a while since i played but im pretty sure each character actually has two endings based on what you do when you get back to the starting area.

yeah I know, I got the good ending for couple already but I’m gonna just look up the rest i think, I’m not THAT crazy about going through 3 more times for the others -_-’’