game: mass effect 2

confession: i can’t bring myself to do the final mission in ME3 with Hera because she means too much to me and i would probably die :’~)

i really love her so much……. she’s a fantastic sharpshooter and a biotic!! she’s a paragon i swear!! she’s just mean lmfao she did NOT give Garrus that shot up above the citadel
(she shows affection by sitting across from sad crew members and pushing a mug of coffee towards them. no words; she Understands don’t worry. you’re doing amazing)


mass effect — parallels (tropes?)

can be considered a continuation to this post

SInce I just finished Mass Effect 1 and did l i t e r a l l y every single sidequest, I’ve compiled a list of all the BULLSHIT Cerberus pulled in the first game:

  1. Allowed a full platoon of soldiers to be eaten by thresher maws (potentially Shepard’s platoon)
  2. Then captured one of the survivors and giddily injected him with thresher maw poison just to see what would happen
  3. Turned an entire colony of people into husks
  4. Released hundreds of sick, violent rachni into the galaxy by transporting eggs incompetently
  5. Lured ANOTHER platoon of soldiers to a thresher maw nest to see how they get murdered
  6. Then injected their admiral with some kind of poison and threw him in a cage with husks

By the time I’d finished the game, I was dreading playing ME2 because the thought of working with that same organization made me ill.

Predictable binch that I am, my point here is that I really need y’all to stop blaming Kaidan and thinking he’s out of line for not fucking trusting Shepard in ME2 because literally imagine that your former commander and friend (and possibly the person you loved) died in a tragic accident and you probably feel responsible for it, but you’ve had to move on for the sake of the Alliance, and then one day out of nowhere, there they are, standing in front of you - working as a Cerberus operative. You either would NEVER believe it was the same person, or you’d believe they were possibly brainwashed, or maybe you’d just think they’d straight up betrayed you for an organization that has historically ruined and manipulated human lives.

Are you honestly gonna tell me you’d abandon your moral code, your honor, and your loyalty as a soldier to your military, just because “they’re Shepard” and that’s supposed to be enough, point blank?

Cause I sure fucking wouldn’t.

How Bioware Makes Decisions...
  • Bioware Art Department: *Designs hot soft butch who makes the underwear of any wlw who sees her burst into flames, and makes thousands of women who considered themselves straight realize they are lesbians or bisexuals.*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Giver her a haircut right out of Butch Lesbian Hair Quarterly*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Adds two interlocked Venus symbols shaved into her hair*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Adds a Labrys tattoo*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Puts her in a "No one knows I'm a lesbian" t-shirt*
  • Bioware Art Department: *Adds a rainbow flag patch to her outfit*
  • Bioware Writers: *Include four years spent living in a lesbian commune as part of her backstory*
  • Bioware Writers: *Have her openly and loudly thirsting after another woman*
  • Bioware Story Manager: *looks at all of this*
  • Bioware Story Manager: "We'll make this one straight, because we want to avoid stereotypes."
  • Bioware Fans: "AGAIN?!"