game: final fantasy vii


Sephiroth and Aerith (Requested By @stellanox): The original character setting had Aerith and Sephiroth as brother and sister. The effect of this setting can still be seen in the designs of their front hair. Later, they changed the setting so that Sephiroth was Aerith’s first love. That eventually resulted in Zack. - Tetsuya Nomura


Cloti cosplayers officially featured at the Square Enix TGS cosplayer fashion show, they were pictured being close, cuddly, with Cloud acting particularly protective over Tifa. They advertised the new Cloud and Tifa Opera Omnia merchandise along with other talented cosplayers. Additional note: Opera Omnia Cloud is known for his jealous/possessive nature over Tifa in the game and has been teased about it, we saw many funny gestures from Cosplay Cloud, like putting his arm around Tifa and giving the crowd a glare, as if to say “Hands off, she’s mine.”