game: bees

A new breed of bees introduced to different planets. These bees are larger in size, live in various different climates, and adapted to the plant species on that planet. They were put there to help save a planet’s ecosystem and are currently thriving. The honey they produce from these plants have magical properties, such as health regeneration.

Vegans need to be taught that partaking in the bee syrup is helpful to bees. Buying honey and beeswax helps fund beekeepers, who yes, take honey, but bees naturally overproduce honey. They never take more than is safe for the bees. If their bees die, they’re out of a fucking job. And if they’re mean to their bees, the bees will leave. Beekeepers love and protect their bees. They help protect their bees from parasites and predators. Yes, there is human influence that is harming bees, and beekeepers try to protect their bees from that as well. Neonicotinoids are pesticides that have been causing colony collapse disorder. They’re essential to the US’ agricultural economy at this point, which is why the government refuses to ban them. They’re most commonly used to increase corn production. If you want to protect bees, (you should,) get mad at the corn and pesticide industries, not beekeepers. AND START BUYING HONEY. IT’S GOOD FOR YOU AND IT’S GOOD FOR BEES.