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Inspection time!!!

I went out to inspect the girls today and what I found was a huge relief to me.
Not only was there lots of honey, TONS of pollen, but there was an incredible amount of capped brood in both of my Langstroth’s. This is a very good sign because it means that Her Majesty Alberta Strong is still here and still laying lots!!
So now I must call my friend back and tell him so that he doesn’t keep making a second queen for me…


Just another day in the bee-saving, lemonade-making, entrepreneurial office of 12-year-old Mikaila Ulmer. Microsoft technology helps her prepare for speaking events around the world, but also helps give her time to visit her tiniest yet most important business partners.

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When Anthony Planakis was going through the New York Police Academy, they told him to write his interests down on a little card.

“Beekeeping, of course I put that down,” says 54-year-old Planakis, who is a fourth generation beekeeper. “And the very first job, the sergeant comes right up to me and I just look up and go, ‘Hey, Sarge,’ and he goes, 'Bees?’ and I go, 'Yeah, where?’ 'Harlem.’ And I go, 'Cool.’ That was it, that was the first job I handled,” he says.

And that’s how he became the department’s unofficial beekeeper starting in 1995, earning him the nickname Tony Bees. Planakis has been handling hives for 40 years and keeps them in his backyard in Queens and on a property in Connecticut.

“Whenever I’m working a swarm, I hear nothing around me,” he says. “I mean you can have a jackhammer running down below and I wouldn’t even hear it. I’m in the perfect world now. Actually that’s the only time I feel safe. I’m never scared, never afraid. So, uh, I think it’s in my blood.”

Protect, Serve And Take Care Of The Bees

Photo: StoryCorps


Drew freehand bee nails for my trip to Manchester, visiting family and friends. The design is based on the Manchester Bee- a symbol that has been typically tattooed onto individuals in order to show support for the victims of the recent Manchester terror attack.

If anybody wants to re-create this themselves, the base colour used is OPI’s ‘NL A65’. Just use any dark purple or black polish and a needle to draw the design. :)