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1. Here there Be Gerblins
2. Moonlighting
3. Murder! On the Rockport Limited
4. Lunar Interlude I
5. Petals to the Metal
6. Lunar Interlude II
7. The Crystal Kingdom
8. Lunar Interlude III
9. The Eleventh Hour
10. Lunar Interlude IV
11. The Suffering Game
12. Lunar Interlude V
13. The Stolen Century
14. The Day of Story and Song

God, Griffin you’re amazing.
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160506 Kyungsoo at Baekday Party fanaccounts

[after arriving onstage]

1. KS: I’m really happy I could make it to Baekhyun’s birthday party. Today is a very happy day.

2. KS: The other members are all busy.. I’m the only one without anything scheduled ahaha ⊙♡⊙

BH: You can see D.O. too! It’s okay, it’s love D.O.! A guest is here~ Why don’t you sit down for now.

[starting the yes/no quiz game]

3. KS: You can’t lie for the yes-no quiz… as a fan of Baekhyun you have to be honest and lower your hand if you get a question wrong.

4. KS: I looked at the questions, and if you’re a Baekhyun stan I think you could get them all right. So the first question is (ta-da)… huh?

5. KS: Byun Baekhyun’s birthday is today, May 6th! Is it on a Saturday? X or O! Who made this question? ⊙♡⊙;;

6 (1, 2). KS: Baekhyun has a brother and a sister. Wow, I don’t see a single O. You can’t continue if you’re wrong..

BH: Isn’t it a question you can’t get wrong?

KS: No one is getting them wrong because the questions are too easy… I’ll make some up.

7. KS: Yes or no, Baekhyun’s Zodiac sign is a chicken?

EXO-L: No~~~~~~~

KS: The correct answer is his blood type is O. 

EXO-L: ????????

8. ⊙♡⊙: There are people on the second floor too, right? I… I can’t see…

[more under cut]

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Super Cool Video Game Art ask meme by Me

1. Favourite game

2. Last game you played

3. Favourite protagonist

4. Favourite Anti-Hero

5. Game you are looking forward to (unreleased). 

6. Favourite platformer

7. Favourite rpg

8. Favourite Sidekick/supporting character

9. A character you hate to love

10. A character you love to hate

11. Favourite monster in a pokemon or pokemon-esce game

12. Game you want a remake/sequel of.

13. Character you’re the best with in a fighting game.

14. Favourite villain duo/trio

15. Favourite final boss

16. Favourite boss battle

17. Game you want to play someday(released)

18. Most fun multiplayer game

19. Your first game

20. Your latest game