You Cheated (Oliver Sykes) (Bring Me The Horizon)

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Word Count: 651


After a long day at work all you wanted to do was come home, cuddle with your boyfriend, and relax with a bottle of wine in front of the TV. Oli’s car was on the drive so you knew he was home, you knew he’d been at the studio all day with the band recording new songs so he’d be in a mood to relax as well.

“Oli I’m home.”

You call out but get no reply. Taking off your shoes and jacket you walk further into the house and hear gunshots coming from the living room. You walk around the corner and see your boyfriend lying on the sofa absorbed in the game he was playing.

“Did you hear me Oli?”

Still, you get no reply. When Oli got into a video game he had a tendency to ignore you, not on purpose he just really liked video games. And you knew that the only way to get his attention would be to beat him at the game.

Running upstairs you get a pair of sweatpants and throw on one of Oli’s Drop Dead jumpers before going back downstairs. You walk into the living room and pick up the second controller and walk over to the sofa. And without taking his eyes off the screen Oli lifts his arms up so you can crawl onto the sofa next to him and he puts his arms around you, but you can both still play the game.

“You’re such a romantic Oliver.”

~30 Mins Later~

You were actually winning the game. However, that didn’t sit too well with Oli who decided to start cheating. You feel one of his hands leave the controller and slide down your sweatpants tracing his fingers along the hem of your underwear touching the sensitive skin that made you shudder and let out a small gasp.

“Stop Oli, it’s not going to work.”

“Are you sure about that baby? I think its working fine.” He chuckles.

You shuffle on the sofa trying to keep your attention on the game but Oli was making it harder to concentrate. He starts to trail kisses down your neck, leaving little bites in between his playful nibbles. You can’t help but close your eyes for a second and moan, Oli knew all your weak spots.

“You’re not going to win by cheating Oliver.”

You try and keep your voice strong but falter as he pushes two fingers inside you without warning. It was getting harder to look at the screen as Oli skilfully curls and pumps his fingers making you a hot mess.

“Oh, will you look at that baby girl I won the game.”

Oli removes his fingers and you hear the smugness in his voice. Glancing towards the TV screen you’re shocked to see Oli had come back and beaten your score. You glare at your boyfriend who grins and licks his fingers.

“You dirty little cheater Oliver.”

“Cheater yes, but dirty, oh no baby you are the dirty one with those moans. By the way, you taste delicious.”

You wanted to throw your controller at him in rage but instead decided to choose a different path.

Sitting up you discard both controllers before straddling Oli. He watches you carefully as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him roughly on the lips. He kisses you back and you start to grind on him knowing it wouldn’t take too long to turn him on. You feel a bulge beneath you and smirk against his lips before pulling back.

“Now who won Oliver? Do you have a little problem?”

Oli throws his head back and groans in frustration, “You’re such a tease y/n.”

You chuckle and crawl off him before making him hug you. Oh yes, you weren’t going to help him with his little problem, you were going to relax after a long day at work.

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Scenario where Hanamiya's mother tells him how much he's lucky to have his gf, cause she's such and Angel and loves him. And then he realize how jerk he's to her and then try to be a better boyfriend 💜 (omg angst and fluff)

(I don’t know how this will go, because I wanna make him still be in character. But i’ll try!!)

“Makoto, dear… Where’s ____-chan?’

I don’t want to speak to you ever again!’

Stabbing his food in anger, he glowered, “I don’t know. Nor do I care.”

His mother raised an eyebrow, sensing something was troubling her son, but continued eating in peace. If he wanted to talk about it, he would do so on his own. 

The dinner table held a tense atmosphere, but Hanamiya’s mother seemed completely oblivious to it. His father already excused himself from dinner, talking about a business meeting, and he just continued to play around with his food, his stomach churning with different emotions. 

He suddenly stood up, causing the chair to skid back, mumbling, ‘I’m not hungry’ before proceeding to head upstairs to his room.

“Sweetie?” his mother paused, watching as he halted his movements, his back facing her, “I don’t know what happened between you and ____-chan, but she does love you. And you’re lucky to have such an angel like her. Just.. give it time. Both of you will come around.”

She watched as he headed upstairs, releasing a sigh before finishing her dinner.

It’s hard being young and in love.

Hanamiya wasn’t an idiot. He enjoyed hurting people as much as he loved watching them squirm and scream. Somehow, he became that twisted, it made life just a bit more entertaining. Being a genius, everything was easy to him. There was never a challenge.

At least, until he started dating you.

His world ended up flipping upside down, and he wasn’t sure if he liked it or hated it. He would still get the thrill of watching people who work hard crumble under pressure. He’d experience the feeling of losing just like everyone else. 

That’s why he’d take out the strong players, so he’d secure victory.

It wasn’t something unheard of. Lots of people did it. He had the brains, so he was able to pull it off. He lead his team like that, connecting with Seto made everything that much easier to do, and winning had never been easier.

At least until the Seirin match, and Kuroko Tetsuya changing everything.

That loss had left a bitter taste in his mouth, and it seemed you never agreed with his methods of winning. That’s what started the fight in the first place. You always hated violence, preferred to play by the rules and winning fairly. Usually Hanamiya steered clear of girls like you, but somehow, you were different. Despite finding out he did that, you still chose to date him, even come to love him.

He didn’t realize he would lose it over something so trivial. 

Okay, so maybe he forgot your birthday, and maybe he’d been a dick about it. Putting basketball ahead of you, not even remembering to wish you happy birthday. You had a right to be angry. But he had a right too. He wasn’t going to always remember the little things, and you shouldn’t expect him to do so.

Tch. This was more annoying than losing a game.

Running a hand through his hair, he glanced at the clock, noticing he still had some time before your birthday is over. Why he was going to rush and pull this off, he didn’t know. But if this would erase the guilt in his stomach, he’d gladly do it.

He didn’t like feeling guilty.


You’d been sitting on the couch, not even paying attention to what was on the screen when the doorbell went off. Releasing a heavy sigh, you got off the couch, throwing the remote behind you and heading for the door. You opened the door, feeling rather annoyed at seeing your boyfriend stand there, a frown on his face. You had a thought to just slam the door and be done with it, but there was something about that frown which made you pause, your eyes going to the black rose in his hand.

You looked at him, trying to decipher the look in his eyes, before he scoffed and thrust the flower into your hand. There was a small note attached to it, but before you could thank him, he’d already left, leaving you confused at his actions.

Sighing, you closed the door behind you, resting your back against it as you took a sniff of the rose. You took this chance to read the piece of paper, a small smile curling at your lips. 

‘Happy Birthday’.

It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing. And in his own way, it was him saying ‘I’m sorry.’