Shark Attack Baby Bed

Plant the seed for your offspring’s crippling fear of the ocean as you put them to sleep in the shark attack baby bed. This masterfully crafted bed creates the illusion your bundle of joy is about to be ferociously devoured by a hungry great white shark.

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I mean if a bunch of dwarves showed up at my door and asked me to come help them reclaim there homeland I would go but I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and I would be hitting on everyone all the time like legit not even lowkey and they all would be like Mahal can we return her????? This was a mistake??? We’ve barely gotten out of the shire and she’s asked everyone what they have down their trousers??? They could all get it. Even bombur cause I’m pretty sure he’d bake me cakes and stuff.

Lightsaber Light-Up Chop Sticks

Use the Force to help you grip those slippery sushi rolls by grabbing them with the lightsaber light-up chop sticks. Each mini lightsaber features a detailed hilt that illuminates the transparent molds in either an ominous Vader red or a hopeful Luke blue.


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I get so angry when people assume video games are just a hobby or a time killing element of pop culture.
video games are an interactive form of media that could be used for learning, exploring, teaching, experiencing, etc. it has this whole untapped potential that will probably never be fully taken advantage of because they carry the stigma that they are reserved for snapback wearing, energy drink consuming teenage boys with too much time on their hands. I know more about the countless video game worlds I’ve visited than I do the real world. if I had been given the opportunity to experience the things I was taught in school the way I experience the world of an RPG, learning would have been so engaging while being effortless and fun.
it’s the 21st century. why are we teaching children using age old techniques when we could be adjusting to the way of life these kids have developed and helping them learn and grow using a media they are comfortable and familiar with?

Superbowl Shark Costume

Parade around town dressed up as the internet’s flavor of the week – a.k.a. the Left Shark – with the Superbowl halftime show shark costume. Guaranteed to be old news before Halloween rolls around, it’s a must have collector’s item for meme historians.


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
Artwork by Krzysztof Domaradzki.

From the artist’s website:
Series of artworks created for Limited Edition Steelbook covers for the next generation genre-defining video game The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt.

The illustrations focus on depicting game characters, monsters and the gigantic, limitless open world of the game.

more work available on Domaradzki’s behance.

Shadowrun Data Trails Available!

I knew it was coming this week…but didn’t exactly know it would be today already!!!!

To celebrate the release of Shadowrun: Data Trails, below you’ll find some more fantastic art from the book!

And of course, if you love reading Shadowrun fiction, that update also includes the release of the new novel, Borrowed Time.

The expanded Matrix awaits, chummers…go!


Collapsible Shot Flask

Keep your buzz going while on the go with the collapsible shot flask. The collapsible shot flask features a metallic collapsible shot cup that fits into the side of the flask, so you can enjoy a nice and easy to swallow pick me up at any time during the day.


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