Day 293 - Project Nihil Game Types

I’ll be uploading some things I had to do for a class presentation involving what I have so far for my game. These 3 pictures are to give a visualization of the three types of gameplay focused in on my game, which is puzzles, platforming and combat. Enjoy!

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  • hux:♪♫♪ i don't want to set the world on fire ♪♫♪
  • kylo:um but you kind of do
  • hux:♪♫♪ i just want to start ♪♫♪ a flame in your heart ♪♫♪
  • kylo:aw

anonymous asked:

Thank you for addressing the topic of homosexuality in Asia. Everyone gets upset that Jaehee can't be romanced and scream how it's not fair to LGBT+ to do that, but welcome to Asia where stuff like this is the norm and all that GL and BL is nothing more than a marketing niche and real gays and lesbians are shamed for it.

True, it’s sad to see that. Even those BL and GL games are not easily accesable. Most of them are paid games/non-mobile games/not that easily downloadable. Also, they are usually age-restricted for 15+ or 18+ as well. So you could say those things can ‘stall’ it from complete public access and only known in a specific community. If Cheritz published a game where it projects those elements clearly, in a free and easily accessable mobile game, with the age restriction of 12+, I don’t think Mystic Messenger could last long here. Especially since it’s so popular and words spread like wildfire, society could suddenly turn their heads towards it without trying to do more research. Well, not all Asian regions and not all Asian people do this. But I can just imagine if someone made a headline news like “New free mobile game accessable to pre-teens and above, promotes LGBTAQ+” and it would create a stir in my country hoooo boy, and then there would be more silly rules. Though I think it was brave and open-minded enough of them to drop hints about it.


Lost Ember

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All images from their site - I just want to spread the word as this is one amazing concept for a game which I am certain a lot of you would enjoy!

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Happy to announce that Clexa: The Game is officially underway and progressing wonderfully!

The choice-based RPG so many of you have asked for is finally on the workbench.

You can try the current (6/1/2016) demo out for yourself here!

Simply download, click the icon, extract the files to your desktop, open the resulting folder, and click ‘Game’. (Avast may try to stop the process, but the file is safe.)

Keep in mind that we have only just begun, and many things will inevitably change by the time our final product is released.

Current main dev.: @resinswhy

If you are interested in lending a hand in this project, and/or have any questions or concerns, please message me directly!