WIP look at the shop. Still not sure if I should keep the Mustached Shopkeeper or make something a bit more fitting. Right now it just looks like a dumb monster with a disguise pretending it knows what it’s doing. What do you guys think?

I wanted to post the shop in game and working today but I ended up spending a lot of time tweaking up this tileset (changing colors mostly) and adding details to the shop. Will post it in game soon though. 

The necromancer is still going on strong and I should be posting more stuff for him soon. That’s all I got for today. Cya!


Here’s a sneak preview of our upcoming gameplay trailer! (We’re still working on the audio, so it’s currently soundless.) Apologies for the radio silence; we’ve been hard at work adding new things to the game. There’ll be much more to come soon, so keep an eye out!


This is a board game that me and my boyfriend conceptualized, created, and passed for a subject. Its goal is to educate children from the age of 6 and above about the realities of the 13 estuaries leading to the Pasig River, the harmful effects of pollution, and what they can do to help especially as River Warriors under the Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig program. This was heavily inspired by retro 80′s graphics and Goosebumps.

On their way home from other quests, the River Warriors found that their home, Pasig River, has been taken over by evil monsters. Each player is a River Warrior ridding Pasig River of its main enemies–trash and bacteria. We created two villains namely Baron Basura and Betty Bacteria.

Baron Basura is a product of mankind’s dirty ways. He started from a small candy wrapper that was thrown into the river. From then on, he started to grow and his powers to make a mess and infect everyone become stronger with each piece of trash that stuck to him. He doesn’t only terrorize rivers now, he can be seen everywhere in the metro.

Si Baron Basura ay produkto ng kadugyutan ng mga tao. Nagsimula lamang ito sa isang munting candy wrapper na itinapon sa Ilog. Mula dito, lumaki at lumakas ang kapangyarihan ni Baron Basura na magkalat at mag-infect. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi na lamang ilog ang nattiyempohan ni Baron Basura, kahit saan ka tumingin nariyan siya. 

Parents fear Betty Bacteria. Growing up jealous of her twin sister, Glenda, the good bacteria, it has become her hobby to spread doom and cause mischief all around. Her favorite thing is to cling to children’s tiny fingers especially when they play outside. 

Kinakatakutan ng mga magulang ang masama sa kambal na Bacteria–si Betty Bacteria. Lumaking inggit sa kapatid niyang si Glenda, mahilig siyang maghasik ng lagim. Paborito niyang kumapit sa mga daliri ng mga batang naglalaro sa labas.

River Warriors is a relatively simple game to play. Players roll the dice and move their pieces according to the numbers that come out.

The tile they land on have different consequences according to its color. Yellow offers the chance to pick a card from the stack. These cards have different scenarios and corresponding actions such as losing 1 turn and moving 1 space forward. Landing on a Green tile gives the player a chance encounter with Betty Bacteria. The player spins from the Betty Bacteria board loaded with many other scenarios that also have respective consequences. Same goes for when one lands on the Pink tile. That player would have to go against Baron Basura, instead. Finally, landing on a Blue tile does nothing and ensures that the player is safe…for now. 


New Tracks from Rayark’s upcoming game, Project Symphony:

All tracks composed by Morrigan, vocals by Lily

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Right now I was sketching some concept art for high summoner Kyungsoo and his kingdom  and there was another dragon in the background. My sister thought it was the giant dragon’s “hand” and ordered me to do this. Seriously, she’s the best. She always sees the most important things right away.

“Glad to be DO’s summon.”
CHANGE! visual novel/ otome game (Relaunch)

Wanna change your life? Grab every chances and never give it up!

Meowl Games proudly announce to you all our otome game project, CHANGE!! Once again, we’re here on Kickstarter! We really look forward to receiving your support!

CHANGE! revolves around Mai (name changeable), a normal Vietnamese high school girl with no outstanding appearance and personality traits. The years peacefully pass by, dull and quietly, until her 16th birthday where a strange incident happens to her and her childhood friend/neighbor, Hiep. What happened? You’ll have to play to find out!

And I guarantee, this isn’t any ordinary game out there where you suddenly have to choose your prince charming from a list of candidates. I too am very curious of what is going to happen next, but the only way to find out more is donate to us! We need the money to keep this project going!

Steam page

Reddit page

Official Meowl’s twitter

Official Meowl games’ twitter

Official Tumblr blog

The Next Game Project: Swan Song

Okay, let’s start this summer game jam with introducing the project itself. I already posted a small teaser trailer, so check that out!

So, the project’s name is Swan Song. The basic story is about 18-year-old girl Aino, whose little sister has just died. She cannot accept what has happened, so she travels to the Underworld to bring her sister back. But then turns out that the place is not what she expected it to be. There are lot more to the story, but that’s all I’m telling for now.

The story itself will already be way bigger than Imaginary Friends. There’s going to be many NPCs, more story, basically more everything! I’ve been planning this project for 4 year now, and I’m really excited to share it with you.

Here I go into more detail about different aspects of the game:


I’d say that the game falls into adventure genre. You explore the world of the Underworld and interact with it’s residents. There’s going to be a turn-based battle system, similar to jrpgs. I’m still designing the system, so I’ll introduce it later date. There will also be some kind of relationship system, where you can befriend characters, get to know them better, and team up with them in battles. Social Link GO!


The game contains lots of horror themes, but it is not a horror game. Think about games like American McGee’s Alice, which is not a horror game but still contains horror elements.

The world is also heavily inspired by Finnish folklore and mythology (especially Kalevala). Some of the things might go over the head for non-Finnish people, but I will do my best to explain things.

Theme warnings

I thought it’s better to tackle these issues now, than later. This game is not going to be that “pleasant”. Already, we are talking about death of a young child, but the game talks a lot about peoples own mortality and acceptance of death. There will also be mentions about suicide, mental health issues, insanity and so on. And blood and mild gore. Nom.

The game is not only about depressing stuff; There will be lots of humor, lighter moments, maybe even some romance. Overall, it’s an adventure, where you meet lots of wacky characters. But between those moments are the darker themes, and I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable with those. I’m not comfortable with all the things in the game, but that’s why i also want to make it.


I started making Imaginary Friends, so I could learn to use rpg maker just for this project. That was over 2 years ago, and the design for this game has changed a lot during that time, and I also got more ambitious about what I want to create. So now I’m planning to use Game Maker Studio. I’ve also thought about using Unity and make the game in full 3D (Well, more like pre-rendered backgrounds á la PS1 games. I’ll make few tests with it to see if it works, but for now, I’m working with Game Maker.


There wasn’t that much animation in Imaginary Friends, mostly due to rpg maker’s shitty system to include animation (sorry, but it’s way too complicated and restrictive than it should be.), but also me being lazy and not good enough with pixel art. With Swan Song I really wanna invest in animation, especially with background character/environment animation. I also wanna include some kind of animated cut scenes. It could be fully animated, or just small movements or maybe even paper doll style. We’ll see

That’s about it for now. More details will be revealed later.

(Project will be called Swan Song for now, but I might change the game’s name, because it is a well-know term. I’ve been calling the project that for years now so I really wouldn’t want to change it. Also it fits the story well, no only by the term “Swan Song”, but also swans are a big part of the game.)


Kai concept sketches. His roles as Luhan’s right hand are scouting, spying and carrying out assassinations.

Kai may be agile, his aim and reflexes are top notch but what suffers is his defense and magic skills. Aside from his natural gift, teleportation, he can only use weak fire spells as it is part of basic education at schools of Chaos.

Homestuck Visual Novel Project

HSVAU is creating a Homestuck visual novel, and we need your support and/or help!

We need more writers, artists, coders and musicians and also some specific characters voice actors.

The game will be non-commercial so you won`t be paid for your work, sorry.

This game will be LONG and the plot will be mindfuck amazing (if eveything goes according to what we have planned).

Features: the story itself, original art and music; voice acting, and maybe more.

Now please do realize this game will take a long time and a lot of effort so we only ask you to be patient or otherwise you can help us.

The v.n engine we will be using is Ren`py. If you`re interested in knowing more details about the game, or wanna help us out, message me or the group!


Cadence is Elsewhere - an explorable visual novel style RPG about a robotic teddy bear and her search for her lost child after the AI singularity. Humanity has been wiped from the face of the Earth by a swarm of aggressive nano-machines (nanomites) in an apparent attack, leaving the world an abandoned ruin. 

Hey everyone! I wanted to announce the launching of Cadence is Elsewhere, a game I’ve been working on for the past few months now. I’m in charge of the all the 2D Art, and for the past few months have been helping Mark bring these amazing characters to life. 

We’d appreciate helping us by checking out our Kickstarter! Any small pledge helps. Reaching our goal will allow us to spend the next 6 months in full time production and get the game released early 2017. You can also help us by voting “YES” to Greenlight us on Steam, or by reblogging and sharing our project to get the word out.  Thank you so much in advanced!