Me playing post game Pokémon
  • International police cops: HEY KID we heard you're a Pokémon master, do you wanna help us mess with the space time continuum and catch inter-dimensional ultra beasts?
  • Me: I mean sure, that makes sense, I AM a Pokémon master...
  • International Crime COps: cool head on over to Aether foundation and talk to Wicke
  • Me: *goes there*
  • Wicke: btw this isn't about the ultra beasts but Lille wanted me to explain why she went to kanto with lusamine; since we didn't really put that dialogue in the unreasonably long finale cutscene of the game and I'm sure it's been bothering you Erica cause you're weirdly invested in the characters
  • Me: YES IT HAS!!! Thank you!! Please, go on
  • Wicke: but you don't wanna hear me talk about all that...
  • Wicke: here, have a large chunk of fried dough for your trouble
  • me: I CANT fuckin believe this game I have to make a tumblr post
  • Me: *does*
  • Me: *goes back to playing game*
  • Me: ARE YOU FCKING-----

Game development started as a hobby; about two years ago I made some simple renditions of classic arcade games with Pygame before I got my first job. But lately, I guess this hobby is starting to get serious. xD

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design

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Game Programming Patterns

Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting-Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design


Hey! I recently added a cool system to Kerfuffle, which I later found out to already exist in a Street Fighter game. 

Anyway, the idea is that you sort of remove the balance from your character for about 10-15 seconds. Meaning you can cancel any attack into any other attack, and you can dash or jump cancel any attack! This allows for custom combos. The damage scaling is pretty high so its not like you just get to kill someone flat out, and getting optimal damage is still tricky and requires a bit of skill. 

To balance this out a bit, players do have a combo breaker that they can use two times per match. However, these combo breaker “tokens” as they are called, can also be spent to do a super move instead. 

Choose wisely. 

I thought I couldn’t explain game programming but I can.
Tickle your tummy with a feather
blindfold yourself
now stab yourself to try and relieve the itch,
The stabs leading up to you finding the itch will be the most painful thing ever and when you find the itch the payoff feels so good, not because you have found the itch - but because you can finally stop stabbing yourself.

Updated the weapon generation to also include colors. Colors can either reflect the type or element or just be random if the weapon has no special attributes. I also updated the attack animations so that the slash reflects the color of the weapon instead of always being white. This was particularly annoying to do since the slash and the character animation where a single sprite, so I had to separate them first BUT, I think it was worth it.

I also trimmed some frames from the attack animations because of input lag. There were 2 frames of winding up before actually bringing the sword down. Those 2 frames made it look smoother however the input lag was very obvious and most players would find that very frustrating. Combat feels a lot better now and faster now.

The generation for the weapon colors needs a bit of tweaking but I’m going to call this closed for now so I can go back to focusing on the Greenlight trailer. That’s all for now!


  This makes me so excited! I have both the front-facing and away-facing animations made! Four frames and exactly the same. This is my favorite piece of pixel art I’ve ever done! I may not get all the anatomy correct but oh well! It isn’t human anyway :P.

  I managed to squeeze out two full animations before bed. Time to shut down and maybe get some sleep. Good night and as always, thoughts?


Halo Ammunition: Requiem Drop

Finally finished this long storyboard of Fire Team Quiver’s first mission in the 2nd tour of Requiem.

I say storyboard because there are big time skips between each panel. Anyways this fucker has been nothing but trouble because I was a dumbass twice making it twice as hard.

First time being that half way through coloring and shading this I accidentally merged all visible layers together without knowing. This made shading backgrounds and the spartans way more difficult. Then after that while shading the 3rd panel I was trying to make shading the panel the only thing via the lasso tool.

But I guess I goofed and deleted ALL of the repair layer but thankfully I had WIP shots of all panels and had to restart all over again. But now it is finished!