Hahah yeah man Ned’s really my favor–


That’s fine. Ned was great but Robb is really where it’s at–

Oh God dammit…

This is fine, I can recover. See? Sandor Clegane is really–


Whatever… Whatever, it’s fine we still ha-


I hate this show. I hate this show. I hate this show. I hate this show so much.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:so it's pretty much guaranteed at this point that Jon Snow will either be resurrected by Melisandre or warg into Ghost after getting stabbed, but that won't be canon until The Winds of Winter is released and there's always a slither of possibility he's actually dead so I'm gonna be low key anxiety-ridden til then

Seeing Cersei make the walk of shame was really devastating. Not because I am the biggest fan of her, but because that scene where Cersei had to walk fully-naked among the people was literally a visual representer of how societies has treated/ is treating women. Throughout history, women weren’t allowed to experience sexuality till marriage and those who didn’t follow that rule weren’t seen honorable and treated like shit and even murdered for their sexual acts. That scene just reminded me this. Besides that, the walk of shame required a naked woman, which means nudity is either a punishment or forbidden for women meanwhile some men were comfortable with and willingly showing their bodies to Cersei and since we know what kind of a universe is asoiaf, I’m sure among those people spitting on Cersei, throwing shit at Cersei there are rapists, child molesters, sexual offenders and yet this woman who slept with her cousin had to make that walk. The thing worrying me isn’t how history or some of the cultures are very similar to asoiaf universe (yet this is very upsetting but out of the context) but the viewers in 2015 are most likely to be satisfied to see Cersei like that and think this was the fair punishment for her.(And this contributes to the sexist culture we have) And that scene won’t probably remind them what it reminded me, and they are just gonna make cheerful comments about Lena Headey’s boobs which they finally have seen.