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And here, now, what great matters do the Great Khals discuss? Which little villages you’ll raid, how many girls you’ll get to fuck, how many horses you’ll demand in tribute. You are small men. None of you are fit to lead the Dothraki. But I am. So I will.

Imagining Your Jon Arryn's Laidback Daughter (Actually Tywin Lannister's bastard daughter)and you are Lyanna's Bestfriend/Partner's in crime
  • Lyanna: Come on you lazy grumpy falcon who looks like a lannister wake up we are going to south for the tourney!
  • Y/C: Shut Up Stinkin Horseface! Im going to eat more lemon cakes
  • Someone Else: Hey Horseface! The Northern She-wolf is surprisingly looks like a horse!
  • Lyanna: *Turns red in embarrasement and anger and pulls out her sword*
  • Y/C: *Points her dagger to the bully* No one will call her that! no one but me!
  • *When Lyanna's alive and in winterfell and your sassing her out*
  • Y/C: Are you an Idiot?!? I didn't expect you to run away with him, I know you like to be a southern queen someday but not like this, you know that he has a wife and you believe in his words my idiotic horseface, You dont realize what will happened obviously! not all the time life is a song do you understand me!? and also fuck robert baratheon! fuck rhaegar targaryen twice and fuck the king!
  • Lyanna: I am sorry, I did not mean too, I did not want them to die for me... Im sorry *cries*
  • Y/C: *Hugs her tightly* Your worrying us...Im sorry too..Hush..We will start again we will raise your cute horseface little jon okay?
  • Lyanna: *slaps her playfully* Please..not that name again...
10 More Books to Fill The Void Your Favorite TV Show Left Behind

We heard your calls for more help after our last book recommendations for TV shows post, so back by popular demand is part II! Fill the void of your favorite missing show with these summer reads! 

Outlander ––> A Book of Spirits and Thieves

Fates collide when young women cross the planes of the reality into worlds of swords, horses, and epic adventure. 

Jane the Virgin ––> Immaculate

Modern day stories about young women who get pregnant…even though they’re virgins.

Veronica Mars ––> Trouble is a Friend Of Mine

Tag along with clever teen investigators who keep you laughing along the way. 

Game of Thrones ––> An Ember in the Ashes

Adrenaline never ceases in worlds where defiance is punished by death and young people must become soldiers and spies, turncoats and killers, to find power, freedom, and what they want most. 

Sherlock ––> The Name of the Star

Head back to London with charismatic main characters to solve creepy murders.

Pretty Little Liars ––> The Merciless

Both prove that teen girls are no joke when it comes to horrifying scenarios. 

Supernatural ––> Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

How do you deal when something not quite human shows up in a small town?

Parenthood ––> Saint Anything

Discovering love, adversity, and identity comes full circle when you realize the rock of your world is family.

Glee ––> Hold Me Closer

Having the insider view of a high school musical means getting the perfect trifecta of drama, romance, and endless show tunes. 

New Girl ––> Firecracker

David Iverson actually writes for New Girl, which explains why it’s straight. Up. Hilarious.

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I am so sick of people hating Daenerys
  • Like please give me a break i can accept if you just don't like her character but hate?
  • Everyone seems to remember her mistakes but she is just as a child in a war as Arya and Sansa.Her brother treated he worse than an animal,she was raped and beaten she lost a child but however she was nice.She didn't let the Dothraki harm the slaves.She freed the other slaves later yes she made big mistakes but she is not a politician not she has any experience on these things so shut up with all the hate and slut shaming because it's wrong
  • Not to mention she never used her beauty/looks to achieve anything while she could easily do that