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top 5 fanfics

ooooooooh this is a tough one. i don’t read fics a ton but here are the ones i’ll always love; and yes they are all stydia don’t even get me started ok:

1. Lazy Lover By Maggie

2. Secrets I Have Held In My Heart By Corina

3. Trapped By Maddie

4. You’re All I Want (So Bring Me The Dawn) By Cathy

5. My Aching Soul By Jaz

keep in mind this girl is more of an angsty/smut readin kinda girl if u know what i mean

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

Yuna is too embarrassed to look at Yui. This was the first time they kissed, and Yui was already possessive (she just wanted more)
Coming soon: Yui and Yuna on a date (not the pervy kind, no). Haha. This gives me life.
(I wanna draw more)

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Hey Dev. I've been wondering this for a while. How did Hideo Kojima do it? How did he get to the point he is at now? His own studio, he can do pretty much anything he wants. So what are some reasons you think he accomplished this? I want to go into the game industry. I have no experience or anything. I'm a bit of a writer though. I'm not saying I want to be on Hideo's level right when I start. But it is a level that I want to know if it is obtainable for a person like me. What do you think?

Somebody asked this question with almost the exact same qualifications and I wrote a pretty long answer. [Click here to read it]. TLDR summary: If you start at the very bottom of the ladder, work your ass off for 30 years shipping games and getting promoted, and have some very good luck and success, you too can be like Kojima and run the show.

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Voltron: Legendary Gamers by TheQueen
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  Lance falls in love between Red Bulls and audio crashes on a rare cool Austin-Tuesday afternoon. | An Achievement Hunter AU.
Note:  For @shklanceweek Week Day 2: Game Night/Movie Night
Ship: shklance

Lance falls in love between Red Bulls and audio crashes on a rare cool Austin-Tuesday afternoon, feet kicked up onto the one clear spot on his desk, chair tipped back. Somewhere to his left, Pidge and Hunk are desperately trying to fix whatever went wrong with the audio capture for the sixth time that Minecraft recording. His game perilously paused to show his character about to die at the hands of a creeper.

“You should close it,” Keith mumbles around his bottle of Gatorade. He’d killed captures after the fifteenth minute mark, calling the end of recording for that day far before anyone else. “Wasting electricity.”

Lance sighs, tips his head back to stare at the golf club hanging from the lantern light a few feet above his desk. One day it’s going to fall and brain him. He can only hope they get it on camera. “M’ an optimist, Keith-boi. And there is nothing my main man, Hunk, cannot do. Right, B?”

Hunk flashes him a thumbs up from a pile of wires and Lance feels a part of that optimism sink.

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