Por un ERROR!! Dentro de la JAULA!! | ZOO TYCOON Episodio 7 | WILLYREX Y VEGETTA

MIN: 22:36

(Willy esta bañando a Ulises el elefante)

W: Ala ala te prometo que esta súper contento hee

V: hombre como no va a estar contento, le estas dando con tu manguera en toa’ la cara

W: pero ellos también tienen trompa hee

V: si si si, todos tenemos trompas aquí willy ( ͡͡°͜ ʖ ͡°)

Creo que ya sabemos por que vegetta esta contento todos los días, con tanta positividad :v

Brothers Best Friend

Anon Requested:  56. “Nice panties by the way.” With taehyung (smut) 👀👌❤


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Pairing: V (Taehyung) x Reader

Word Count: 980

“Nice panties by the way.”

“Hoseok, did you grab the laundry!” You called out from your bed room to your brother’s room in hopes that he would answer. He didn’t

Your hair was dripping wet and the snow white towel was wrapped firmly around your body. You groaned out loud and opened your bedroom door getting ready to march down to Hoseok’s room but you came face to basket with Taehyung holding the laundry.

You grabbed the towel tighter as you took a step back allowing him to enter your room. 

“I didn’t know you were over.” You simply state before walking back over to your bed where Taehyung placed the laundry basket.

“Yeah I’m staying over for a couple of days, hope it’s not a problem.” Taehyung glanced down at your body. He watched the beads of water drip down your body and he noticed how tight you were holding the towel against you, he did this without your knowledge of course. He was staring at his best friend’s little sister. Though ‘little’ didn’t mean much, you were only two years younger than Hoseok and was the same age as Tae but nevertheless he couldn’t take his eyes off of your body.  “Why aren’t you dressed? Don’t you have a closet full of clothes?” 

Your head snapped to him only now noticing the look he had on his face. You didn’t dare tell anyone but you secretly loved the look he was giving you, you longed for it. But you quickly diverted your head back to the clothes, pulling out the shirt, bra and shorts you were looking for but was still rummaging for the last piece of clothing you needed.

“Nice panties by the way.” Taehyung merely said, his voice cool and calm as if what he said hadn’t sparked something in you. You whipped your head to him and saw him holding what you were looking for. Hand still wrapped around your towel, making sure it didn’t fall you reached for the pink sheer thong that was just only hanging off of his pointer finger. his hand quickly got a hold of your panties and he held them up higher completely out of reach.

“Give them back, Tae.” You whine sticking out your hand telling him to place your thong back in your hand. But all he did was shake his head.

“Close your door.” His eyes locked on yours, you were hesitant to do it but you close the door soon turning around but you were soon pushed hard into the door. Your eyes opened wide as Taehyung slowly leaned in closer to you. One hand on the side of your head while the other flipped the lock on your doorknob. Your hand gripped the towel tighter, your nerves wracking up in your stomach and you knew if you tried to speak it’d be a stuttering mess, but Taehyung didn’t speak either. His eyes just trailed up and down your body sending shivers down your spine causing him to smirk. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you for.” He mumbled before crashing his lips on yours. 

He took no time at all to grab both of your wrists and pin them above your head. Your towel loosened and before you knew it both wrists were in one hand as his other hands pulled the towel down exposing your body, but you didn’t care, you wanted this just as much as he did.

His leg slid in between yours, separating them so his free hand could find your already soaking wet entrance. Without hesitation Taehyung slipped two fingers in and began pumping at a fast pace.

“Tae.” Your moan muffled by his lips. His head dipped down to your neck shushing you quietly.

“You don’t want your brother to hear, do you?” His pace quickened sending you into absolute bliss yet complete and utter torture. You bit down on your lips trying to stifle the moans wanting to desperately come out.

“T-Tae..” You whimpered tugging on his shirt and as if that was the signal he threw his shirt off on the ground and quickly rid himself of his basketball shorts and boxers.

Picking you up you wrapped your legs around him quickly as he sat you on the desk in your room, pushing all the papers and books off of it. He gripped your hips and without faltering in the least bit he slammed himself in you not allowing you to stretch around his length in time. You let out a loud yell of his name not caring anymore if your brother heard and clearly neither did Taehyung because both of your mouths let out loud moans, whimpers and the groans of eac others names. 

He continued to pull out and thrust into you harder with every chance he got. His pace quickened causing you to arch your back in pleasure. Pumping even harder into you you began to feel your climax coming. His deep moans were the only thing you could focus on at this point because his thrusts became erratic. You tightened around him letting out one last moan of his name before he climaxed with you. He continued to pump into you letting both of you down from your highs before pulling out.

You leaned your head back against the wall breathing hard, your eyes closed just for a second before you felt something thrown on your lap. Opening your eyes and looking down you see your panties on your lap. 

Not being able to control yourself you let out a loud laugh. Taehyung laughing with you threw your clothes you had on your bed to you and quickly dressed himself. He looked at himself in the mirror making sure he was presentable before giving you a quick glance. He opened your door and froze once he saw Hoseok.

“Finally, I swear you guys take forever.”

Attack on Titan vs Attacking Titan

So in the English side of the fandom appearantly no one talk about the fact that Eren’s type of Titan is literally named “Shingeki no Kyojin” (The Attacking Titan)?

Like, this is canonically the name of the series and it only now discovered that it actually has deeper meaning and the rest of the world outside Japan has been using a mistranslation of this title for the past half-decade?

Like, no one wonder about what Isayama might’ve think about when he see his manga being dubbed, get toys, spin-off, live action, go into Marvel world, get made into video games and shipped off to the Westerner world all under a mistranslation of what he actually intented? He was probably like: “Woah, all these time and all these people never get the right idea! Only me know better! I’m pratically deceiving the world right now!”

For references, this is the list of the 9 type of shifter titan (not my translation):

> 超大型巨人 (Chō ōgata Kyojin): Colossal Titan
> 鎧の巨人 (Yoroi no Kyojin): Armored Titan
> 女型の巨人 (Megata no Kyojin): Female Titan
> 踊る巨人 (Odoru Kyojin): Dancing Titan (unofficial)
> 獣の巨人 (Kemono no Kyojin): Beast Titan
> 始祖の巨人 (Shiso no Kyojin): Progenitor Titan

> 進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin): Attacking Titan

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for the ship ask thing, Harry and Cedric? Unless someone's already asked? I love them, and I have a lot of opinions about it, and I always enjoy reading your thoughts! :)

Thank you for asking! I absolutely love Harry and Cedric together and i’m really bummed bc of how underappreciated they are. Cedric is just such a down to earth, sincere and kind guy that i feel like he would be able to ground and anchor Harry really well. They both have strong sense of fairness so i have no doubt that if things went differently they’d be fighting together in the years to come. I’m just so in love with the idea of kickass battle boyfriends going home every night to take care of each other? I need this. They’d be able to hear and understand each other, they’d be able to have a lot of fun and be so, so happy. Cedric deserved better 2kforever. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

brutally honest ship opinions!

Bad/incomplete text post ideas i had today
  • call them the new york sabres
  • shiny gold helmets for the golden nights ????
  • one time i went to a bruins game and sat 13 rows back from centre ice and chara was still taller than me.
  • everything can be turned into a “no blank we die like men meme” but maybe shouldn’t/
  • sims 3 is stil the best sims game 
  • did anyone else lowkey ship graves with credence in fbawtft because im pretty sure it’s wrong but i can’t help it. 

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bts game! If you could ship each member with a mutual, who would it be and why? ❤️

.//cracks knuckles. i got this bRO

Jungkook x @jungklebells cus the wild ride last night ,’:^) she is the true kook hoe and when she passes her audition they’ll be power cpl goals while we release her predebut pics, and he’d still luv her. they’d be singing all sorts of sappy songs yo plus wtf u bet ur ass they never sleep. they would either stay up all night doing the nast or watching horrible animes

Taehyung x @sugajpg oMG THEIR PeRsonalities r so compatible together. they’re both unique and excited and hyper little beans and if the two of them were to ever be in the same place together it would shake up rhe whole house (whoa not in the sexual way i just realized that (or is it))

Jimin x @jiminniejpeg #iseeuman #ulittlehopper; they’re both small little children that dance and are the biggest fluffiest and chewiest mochis u will ever meet like if u look in a dictionary their faces would be right next to each other. theyre both shy little bbys who wouldnt be shy around each other at all cough cough. aND U BET IMMA BE IN THAT CROWD CHEERING THEM ON

Namjoon x @ffsnamjoon cUS THE WILD RIDE LAST NIGHT. THE KINKIEST DREAMS WILL BE FULFILLED BRO. plus their personalities reminded me of one another like can u imagine namjoon as a girl cus a part of him would be in ash :’)

Hoseok x @buingtans they’re both adorable rays of lights and if they were o be together then the sunlight of endless possibilities would radiate greatly and outshine all the negative in the world. the sweetest of the sweet w the flower in the garden?? yES I SUPPORT

Yoongi x @yoongimnida cause he will fulfill all of ur kinkiest dreams w that rapper tongue ngl aND U FUCKING SLEEP A LOT LIKE IMAGINE HIM TRYIG TO WAKE U UP FOR UR DATE BUT U WON’T AND HE JUST NAPS NEXT TO U n it could lead to a lil somethin’ somethin’. i heard u always wanted to go to hong kong

Seokjin x IDK WHO TO SHIP HIM W BRO. ANNIE I WANT TO STICK U HERE BUT UR ALRDY W YOONGI. i see jin w someone who knows how to make him happy in the purest way possible. by going on small and cheap dates or hella all out, no in between. he’d love to cook for her and she’d love playing video games w him n such :’D plus, a dance dance buddy LOL

** ** i just realized theu didnt tag u on my mobile omg


Anon Requested:  Drabble game with namjoon 54 and 45?

OMG MY FIRST NAMJOON DRABBLE (side note: You never stated if you wanted a smut so i didn’t make it in one not really anyways, there’s a blow job but that’s it for the smut)

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Pairing: Rap Monster (Namjoon) x Reader

Word Count: 402

“You’re mine and only mine.”

“You broke the rules.”

“You broke the rules.” Namjoon growled slamming the door and soon slamming you against it as well. His hand going straight for your throat squeezing but not obstructing your breathing 100%. 

The only look he had in his eyes was pure anger and jealousy. His customary warmth gone faster than summer rain on the hot city street. Indeed even his focus was somewhere other than you, as if you had become invisible to him or he could not bare to look at all. You’d crossed some invisible line, only trying to tease him but you did something wrong. You’ve made him mad before but never this mad. Now your blood drained and heart hammered erratically. You were never afraid of his anger when it came as fire, for that burnt hot and fast and quickly dissipated once he got what he wanted. You were extremely afraid of his ice. It coated him like protective permafrost, making him completely cold to your needs or feelings at the time. It was pointless to try to reach him now, Your words would bounce off as good as hard rain, he’d ignore your needs and only work for what he wanted. And that’s just what he did. 

“On your knees.” He removed his grip going straight for his belt and button on his pants. Taking in the air that rushed in your lungs you lowered yourself in front of your boyfriend. He undid his zipper and lowered his pants and boxers in one swift motion. Without a second thought he grabbed a handful of hair and pushed his full length into you. 

Holding your head in place he began to thrust, the more you were able to take in the faster he went. He was moaning and groaning while you gripped the base of his shaft. You look meeting your boyfriends eyes, his eyes were lidded and he threw his head back letting out a loud groan. 

“You look so good jagi…so good.” He mumbled bucking his hip into you, his length hitting the back of your throat causing you to gag slightly. You bring your head back to his tip while moving your hand at a rapid speed. Namjoon’s eyes screw shut as you swallow him down. His breathing was ragged and unsteady, standing up you lean back on the door before your lips were met with his. 

“You’re mine and only mine, remember that.”

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wolfstar (remus/sirius)

A+ ship with so many emotions, JKR did them dirty. I don’t like their post hogwarts trust issues to be glossed over. James shouldve sat his idiot sons down and forced them to communicate. Suspicion is ugly and Wolfstar deserved better. Here we ignore the concept of mortality. Death? I don’t know her.

brutally honest ship opinions

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I ship you with Sam. ❤️ (not just because you already love him so much 😂👌🏻) I ship him with you because he would hold you in his big strong hands and hold you close when you needed it. He'd also probably tease you when you couldn't reach something. 🎀 He would be perfect for you.

OH MY GOSH ASDFGHAHJFGLAFJK okay yes this is literally everything I want in a relationship. 

aaaaaaand now I can think of is Sam picking me up so I can get something off a high shelf. 

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Who would you ship me with?

I refuse not to be a part of Pocky day