a bullet hell game but your ship is absolutely malfunctioning like craaaazy and shooting all of it’s super powerful and unlimited bullets all at once but you’re a good guy and you’re trying really hard to avoid casualties

okay but an important thing to know is that I’m super picky in my ship tastes but also I’ll write just about anything and probably get really into it?? cause at the end of the day it’s about playing with the relationships and I love doing that, even if it’s not something I’d root for in the source narrative

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"new ask game: send me your ships and i’ll tell u why they suck" // hi xd inosaku


uhmmmm i guess i just dont rly like where it went in part 2 kjdfhgdfjh like its dumb that the rivalry was just. magically gone? oh also i think them being rivals over sasuke was fucking dumb. 

but i lov…inosaku idk thats all i got

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ship: royai, edwin; characters: kurapika, killua, ... tonpa (oui oui :D)


The… most… incredible playlist…

I’m not doing Kurapika and Killua because I think they themselves would have longer playlist (not sure for Killua per se but I’m sure for Pika) so I’m doing the other three.

Ie here a Royai/Edwin/Tonpa playlist Kigamin why.

  • Royai

Chevy Knights - He Met Her

Bang bang, Take a shot, Pit stop, Drop me off
But I’ll be thinking about you all night long
Hey there, Sun flares, Open road, No cares
With your fingers pointing like a gun
And I would never ever wish you wrong,
Even if we ever move along
You know I never meant to lead you on, and on, and on, and on
We’re caught in a hurricane again, We said it all along
We just keep floating with the wind
We’ll land where we belong
We say, we say, that it can get rough along the way
Just keep floating with the wind, You’ll land where you belong

Death Valley - Fall Out Boy

We’re gonna die, It’s just a matter of time
Hard times come, Good times go
I’m either gone in an instant
Or here til the bitter end , I never know
What I’ve got will make you feel more alive
I’ll be your favourite drug I will get you high
I will get you high
‘Cause we are alive, Here in Death Valley
But don’t take love off the table yet
‘Cause tonight it’s just fire alarms and losing you
We love a lot, So we only lose a little, But we are alive

Mars - Sleeping at Last

We were full of life, We could barely hold it in.
We were amateurs at war, Strangers to suffering.
We made our families proud, But scared at the same time.
We promised we’d be safe, Another lie from the front lines. 
(..) Though time is ruthless, It showed us kindness in the end,
By slowing down enough, A second chance to make amends.
As life replayed, we heard a voice proclaim:
“lay your weapons down! They’re calling off the war
On account of losing track of what we’re fighting for.”
So we found our way back home, Let our cuts and bruises heal.
While a brand-new war began, one that no one else could feel.
Our nights have grown so long. Now we beg for sound advice.
“let the brokenness be felt 'til you reach the other side.
There is goodness in the heart Of every broken man
Who comes right up to the edge of losing everything he has.”
We were young enough to sign along the dotted line.
Now we’re young enough to try to build a better life.

  • Edwin:

A Strange Education - The Cinematics

I’ll walk this long road, 'Till I find my way home
To somewhere familiar, To lay down my bones
The trouble is, nothing looks the same
The trouble is, I don’t think it ever will
Oh, have you come for me?
Pull me out of the ocean, Take me up in your arms again
Just the way with the love you send
Such a strange education, Leads me into your arms again
Cast away, lost again

Oh My God - Cocoon

I took a knife and a wheelchair
‘Cause I won’t be back home for a while.
You said I’d want to be a doctor
But I don’t, and I need to know why.
Oh my God,
Just folded and burnt like a parchment, oh
Engraved like a star on the pavement, oh
I believe in the past, I believe in ghosts
In the songs I can write, in the problems solved. 
(…)  I just don’t remember what I say or do
And I almost forgot that you were here too.

Welcome Home - Radical Face

Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline
Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
Was never much but we made the most
Welcome home(…)
Peel the scars from off my back, I don’t need them anymore
You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars
I’ve come home
All my nightmares escaped my head, Bar the door, please don’t let them in
You were never supposed to leave
Now my head’s splitting at the seams
And I don’t know if I can
Here, beneath my lungs, I feel your thumbs press into my skin again

  • Tonpa:

You’re the Jerk of the Week - Parry Grip

Your A Jerk And Its Your Week.
You Realy Out Did Your Self.
Like A Crazy Super Jerk.
Your Probubly A Big Jerk Every Week, But This Weeek Your The
Jerk Of The Week!
Jerk Jerk Jerkedy Jerk Edy Jerk, Jerk Jerk Jerkedy Jerk Edy
Jerk Jerk Jerk.
Im Looking At You Buddy!

The Biggest Douche - South Park

Here he is, the Biggest Douche of the Universe!
In all the galaxies, there’s no bigger douche than you!
You’ve reached the top, the pinnacle of douchedom!
Good going, douche. Your dreams have come true!

That’s about all I can find (and if you think i will be serious with Tonpa like really, really?? I was forced to sit through Leorio/Tonpa AMV, I’m never checking any song for him ever again)

Wish you well ❤

On Kadara

Ryder: *does something*

SAM: Pathfinder, maybe you should ask Mr Vidal about Something.

Ryder: it’s just a pebble in my shoe, SAM

SAM: well maybe Mr Vidal has information on that pebble

I hate these ship ask games bc they're basic so I'm just gonna make my own (don't reblog for straight ships)
  • 1. Who's the one who's reckless and always getting into trouble while the other gotta pull em out
  • 2. Who's the one to send the other "I love my gf/bf" memes
  • 3. Who's the one who listens to a music genre the other doesn't like and how does the other react
  • 4. Which one spoils the other more and do they ever get competitive to show the other more love
  • 5. How many years did it take to get married or was it just not for them
  • 6. What was their wedding like
  • 7. Is their friends/family supportive
  • 8. How does one comfort the other when the other is in distress/having a panic attack/crying
  • 9. Which one dissociates
  • 10. Which one stares at the other's booty like "damn" and how does the other react when catching them
  • 11. When they live together what kinda place do they live in? What does their home look like?
  • 12. What do their dates look like
  • 13. How does each act when getting drunk
  • 14. Which one rolls over in the morning to wake up the other one just to give kiss them
  • 15. Have they saved each other's lives before
  • 16. Does one have an interest the other think is weird but wants to listen to it regardless
  • 17. Which one uses cropped hentai as reaction images
  • 18. Does one of them kinkshame the other
  • 19. Is one of them self conscious about their body? If so how does the other comfort them
  • 20. Say they were cuddling on the bed while listening to record player playing the background. Which song is playing?
  • 21. What is their song? Like the song that gives them overwhelming feelings?
  • 22. What song do they listen to while going on a joyride
  • 23. What kinda joyrides do they go on? Relaxing ones or wild ones?
  • 24. Where would they vacation for a honeymoon
  • 25. Do people ever get annoyed of their pda
  • 26. Would they live in the city or the country
  • 27. Which ones the red which ones the blue
  • 28. Are either of them mentally ill, if so how do they help one another cope
  • 29. Does one have a spot on them where they would melt when the other kisses them there
  • 30. Do they dance together
  • 31. Do they sing together
  • 32. Which one is better at cooking than the other and makes most the dinners
  • 34. Are they a reckless couple or safe
  • 35. What be they kinks and do they try each other's kinks
  • 36. What would their valentines gifts be to each other
  • 37. Do they get into fights often? If so what do they fight over and how do they make up?
  • 38. Which ones top, bottom, verse
  • 39. What kinda sex they be having (gentle rough whatever)
  • 40. Who would fight in honor for the other if someone would insult them
  • 41. Which one has a favorite movie that they have the other watch with them again and again
  • 42. How would one react if the other was to die
  • 43. Who dies first
  • 44. Do they want kids
  • 45. How would they spend their last moments together
  • Blood sweat & Tear expectations Vs Reality version (Jin trying to kiss Suga).
  • The stage was well decorated with BTS photos of the last 4 years. 
  • They sang every live to perfection. No No No! let’s be clear: TO PERFECTION!  
  • Each roommates made a team and played games 
  • Rapmon and V ship’s name is R&V (cool), JM, JK and JH is 3Js (Smart) Suga and jin ship’s name is Sin (WHAT?),  
  • First round of games was: What am i to you? each roommates trying to to give the same answer to a question (The best was: What is the longest discussion u have with each other: Suga: 3 min. Jin (a savage): 3s
  • Second round: eyes nose lips: Each team pick a model and everyone draws him. The model later needs to guess which one is his roommate’s drawing and give it 1st place (Suga just wrote a V when asked to draw V -genius-, Jk  was able to guess Chimchim’s drawing -jikooooook-, Jin had a heart in his pocket -ofc- ), 
  • Rapmon and V sang 4 o’clock live and it was so emotional and superb
  • 3Js: The best 3 dancers of BTS collabed and killed it. The songs lyrics tho: Jk’s part “motherfuck********r” JM:“girl i wanna take you down” JH “ “do me good” Well let’s say it expressed well ARMYs inner feelings.
  • When we thought it can’t get any better. JIN showed to the world not only his forhead but also his RAPPING while Suga danced. Wait wait there is more. Suga will sing awake while Jin plays the piano *heart blown, mindblown, blown*.
  • Sin will win the best performance out of the three and thank ARMYs and Bang Pd while being extra crying fake tears.
  • Spine Breaker had a live performance and Jin’s choregraphy made it even better. 
  • Sin complimenting each other is goals: suga giving jin’s rap 3000 points.
  • Jikook making hearts and giving each other those usual looks they do
  • Jhope dying after suga tried to act cute “worldwide aegyo
  • Bts revealed their baby photos: They didn’t change, the boys still look the SAME
  • BTS singing their hit songs like babies, no literally: they acted and sang like babies.
  • BTS thanked ARMYs for these last 4 years and hoped to stay together for as long as possible, each member showed his appreciation and love (Also they had those cute red cheeks, it was cu-te)
Unlucky Steam key scammer calls electronics, gets the dumbest employee in the world

When I worked at Walmart, I went from cart pusher->cashier->electronics->security. Sometimes after I switched to security, when electronics was really swamped, I’d help out for a few minutes. One day, the phone was ringing and I was walking by and randomly answered it.

Sir Scamalot: “Hello, sir, this is Steam Support services with Valve.”

Instantly, of course, I know this is a scam. I adore valve and played so many of their games too. I can’t believe my luck! Of all the calls to answer! Surprisingly he didn’t have some weird accent.

Me: “Oh, uh… what can I do for you?”

Sir Scamalot: “We’ve had reports that game keys shipped to your location may have an error that prevents it from authenticating, specifically the game Counter Strike. We need to validate your game keys to see if your affected.” [I forget which CS was on sale then, this was 2008].

Me: “Oh, what do I do?” As if I didn’t know.

Sir Scamalot: “Well I just need you to open any copies of the game you have and read me the CD key on the instruction manual so I can verify them with our validation software.” [or on the jewel case, I don’t remember that either]

Me: “Sure thing, can I put you on hold for a minute while I get those?”

Sir Scamalot: [obviously happy] “Sure!”

So I put Sir Scamalot on hold while I called all the other area stores electronics department and warned them about the scammer and confirmed nobody had taken a call like this earlier. About 15 minutes later, I get back to Scamalot.

Me: “Thanks for holding, but I can’t find any CD keys. I looked all through the book and the packages.”

Sir Scamalot: [annoyed] “Well sir, just open any copy of Counter Strike and on the-”

Me: “Oh, COUNTER STRIKE! I thought you said Counting Strikes, that bowling game, ok, hold on!”

Everyone in the department is listening and we all laugh. 10 minutes later, I’m back on the line.

Me: “Ok, I got what you’re looking for! What do you need?”

Now I make him walk me through how to open the box, including interrogating him for 5 minutes about how to do it without breaking the seal, then pretend I can’t find the book, etc etc.

Finally, I’m ready to read the code!

First, I read him the UPC. This upsets him. Then I read him a part number from something. Now he’s livid. Finally, I ask if he means the code on the book that says “game key” and has like groups of four digits with dashes (like he’s said probably 50 times already) and he gets excited again.

Oh, ok heres the game key…

Me: “Ok F… like frank. U… like uncle. C… like cat.”

Sir Scamalot: “Sir, I don’t think thats right, normally a code would-”

Me: “No, its. F, U, C, then K like kite. Next four is Y like yesterday. O like owl-”

And he swore at me and hung up.


so today, i wanted to practice some zarya on quick play, but in the match zarya was already taken so i just went with my main, ( pharah )

so mid way in the match, a mercy starts seeing me sneak around

and so I started to run away, but then she started to be friendly!                         so i jumped down to be friendly with her~ we went into a nice room and started to spam “Hello!” 

then my zenyatta killed her

after my zen killed her I tried my hardest to reunite with her

I ended up dying alot for her X v X she would either die before me or i would get killed by one of her teammates ; ^ ;

we ended up losing but that didn’t stop me from being with my bb!1!!!

Mokku was the sweetest Mercy~                                                                         and I was the Pharah~

and now some sweet precious moments~

we played some matches together~

and we won!

in conclusion there is only one thing i want to say:

I made a friend!