the way this website instantly pounces on adopted or step-sibling relationships as if that’s fair game for you to ship them romantically proves that:

  1. y’all are nasty and need to die
  2. you really don’t give a fuck about adopted kids or families that are anything other than the blood-related, non-divorced, “normal” nuclear family unit that society tries to push on people

What I mean when I say ‘Let People Have Fun And Do What They Want’: draw ‘poorly’, sing without training, play easy video games, ship The Doctor and Doctor Strange, Write self inserts about being a hunter with the Winchester’s,

What y’all nasties think I mean: Ship incest, be a pedophile, bully underage blogs, sexualize underage characters and actors



I react to the malec AU in 1x10 and play a little game called Rip It or Ship It! enjoy x 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating. :) There’s a lot of things I’m thankful for this year. I’m glad the game finally shipped and the fans get to play it. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to engage with other South Park fans and have fun drawing and sharing headcanons and such. Most of all I’m really thankful to everyone who’s supported me on Tumblr and liked my art. You guys are the best. 👍

On Kadara

Ryder: *does something*

SAM: Pathfinder, maybe you should ask Mr Vidal about Something.

Ryder: it’s just a pebble in my shoe, SAM

SAM: well maybe Mr Vidal has information on that pebble

it isn’t okay to ship irl people. they aren’t fictional characters and their lives aren’t up for interpretation, if they’re friends with someone then it isn’t okay to ignore their choices and say “nah you’re dating” as if you know better about their lives than they do. we all look at people and sometimes think “they would be cute together” but it isn’t okay to then say “they would be cute together so i’m going to read into every interaction they have and try to make it seem like they’re secretly dating and lying to their fanbase and themselves” like holy shit that is so invasive and rude.

same goes for gender/sexuality headcanons for irl people!! say if you decide you wanna make lgbt+ headcanons for someone irl, that isn’t okay. if they identify as cishet then it isn’t cool to treat them as if they aren’t real and say “i like to think they’re lgbt+” that just isn’t okay. it’s just like if you were to take laverne cox and say “alright she’s a trans woman but i’m gonna hc her has a cis man” or if you were to decide that you wanna hc neil patrick harris as straight, like holy fuck that would be wildly inappropriate bc they’re real people and their gender and sexualities arent up for debate by “fans”

there is a huge difference between head canons for fictional characters and for real people. one is great for everyone and the other is toxic and creepy. and that isn’t to say that you can’t look at a celeb and say “they could be lgbt+” in terms of them not having confirmed their gender and/or sexuality, but ONLY do this to point out that people shouldn’t automatically assume they’re cishet either (because news flash, people aren’t cishet by default)

past that, it’s uncool to force a gender and/ or sexuality on an irl person ESPECIALLY if you know for a fact it goes against their actual gender and/or sexuality. and if you don’t know a celebrity’s sexuality/gender identity/relationship status then OH WELL, that doesn’t mean it’s fair game to headcanon and ship!! that is their personal business and they don’t owe you shit, and they deserve better than to have their lives interpreted like play things.

if you think a celeb is secretly dating another celeb, then fine, but that doesn’t mean you get to scream about it and ship it and act like it’s any of your business or like you somehow know shit. if you think a celeb is secretly lgbt+, then alright, but that doesn’t mean you get to ask them all about it or make lgbt+ headcanons or act like they owe anyone any explanation on their gender/sexuality. they are real people with real lives, and you don’t know them at all even though you wish you did. respect them and respect their privacy.