Send a musical and I’ll answer these questions:

  • Song I wish was longer:
  • Song I wish was shorter:
  • The one song I always skip:
  • Song I sing the best:
  • Song I still don’t know all the words to:
  • Song that honestly deserves an award or five:
  • Song that’s terrible but I still love:
  • Song that’s really good but I hate:
  • Song I think could change the world:
  • Song I wish I’d written:
  • Naruto: Hey Sasuke, have you heard of this game
  • Naruto: It's called 'gay chicken'
  • Naruto: Kiba told me about it
  • Naruto: Basically, two guys get really close
  • Naruto: And the first one to back away- mmphh!
  • Naruto: What- what the HELL, bastard, you can't just
  • Naruto: You just
  • Naruto: You kissed me!
  • Sasuke: *shrugs*
  • Sasuke: That's the game, right?
  • Sasuke: I win

I got so many nice messages when I posted that last sketch. I was a little overwhelmed because I wasn’t used to any kind of feedback on my blog so far. Thank you, a lot ;; Feedback on my art is the best thing just after coffee and sliced bread. <3

So here’s the colored version ~ I enjoyed working with a Pigma Brush Pen on this one.
Now, I should….actually go and finish the game for once! I’m really curious.

Question: How does Mon-el have time to manage two jobs (DEO agent and bartender), watch six seasons of Game of Thrones, have date nights with his girlfriend, take said girlfriend to a parallel universe when she’s under a spell, have game night with his friends, read Shakespeare, learn to cook, do laundry, binge watch Star Wars, and sleep in the span of a week?