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What is "Craft My Story"? I watched the videos, and it seemed super cool! But what is it? Is it like a behind-the-scenes thingy or what? Just wondering. :)

It’s a way of explaining what kind of game Minecraft: Story Mode is, packaged up in a fun-to-watch way. :)

i dont like getting in to overwatch discourse but i love making fun of blizzard’s inept writing so i’m gonna do it anyway

the way blizzard keeps trying to push omnics in overwatch as an allegory for racism is one of the most poorly handled things i’ve ever seen to the point that it’s almost comedic

the game’s narrative (what little there is) wants you to think people who hate omnics are irrational and hokey and “not with the times,” right. wake up grandma, it’s 2057. that sort of thing.

but blizzard themselves have since done the following:

  • established that the omnic crisis was like only 20 years ago, so everyone over the age of like 25 has concrete memories of “the time robots almost destroyed the entire planet”
  • established that the omnic crisis was a global conflict that brought humanity to the brink of extinction, literally every single human alive at the time was affected by it
  • established that nobody really knows why the omnics stopped attacking, not even the omnics themselves
  • established in Pharah’s comic that peaceful omnics are very easily hacked by both malicious humans and omnics alike, so literally every omnic has the potential to have their sapience wrested away from them to be turned back in to a mindless killing machine in an instant
  • put a game mode in the game that takes place during the omnic crisis where you just go ahead and kill as many omnics as you can

like, blizzard have never been good writers, but jesus christ. this is some next-level incompetence. the fact that people are obsessed with the lore in this world and get REALLY in to the nitty-gritty of it astounds me. you take a single step backwards and look at it from a distance and it all falls apart.

like, if you like overwatch, fine, but people write essays as long as their arms about the lore of a world that’s this badly written and i just do not understand it. just play the tf2 game. laugh when says oppa gangnam style. blizzard did not put even a fraction of a fraction of the amount of thought in to the game that some of the fans put in to their fantheories. 

basically what i’m saying, in the least chill way possible, is “chill.” 

Commander Player Archetypes

An idea put forward in the latest Command Zone, I just had to expand upon it. What category do you think you best fit under?

The Mentor

Often the one who has been playing the game the longest, The Mentor willingly points out how to better play even to their detriment in the game with the goal of wanting everyone to be better players and keep enjoying the game. They lend out decks so everyone can play and get their enjoyment from cultivating the playgroup.

The Rebel

The player who has to fight every fight, especially against whoever is currently leading the game. Always playing to win and do so proactively, progressing themselves toward the victory. Attacks whenever viable and will refuse to just let the game go someone else’s way.

The Judo Master

One of the most valuable skills in playing Commander is ‘avoiding hate’, and The Judo Master is best at this. Through subtle board positioning and well timed plays, they manage to just slip under the table’s threat radar and someone else takes the heat while they continue to deflect, dodge, and avoid conflict.

The Contrarian

Absolutely against convention or reason, The Contrarian seeks to show the futility of alliances or words by taking decisive actions that go against the hopes of other players, often meeting offers of ceasefire with guns ablaze.

The Opportunist

A player who lies in wait for the right moment to strike or rise from the shadows in hopes of ‘stealing’ the game from under others, The Opportunist is not deceitful or disloyal, merely takes the chance to win when they see it. They have no qualms about letting others do the heavy lifting.

The Lone Wolf

No allegiances, no table talk, just the board state. The Lone Wolf is the one who plays the game and does not participate in politics. They stay their course and are comparatively stoic, having little to no interest in the excessive chatter of the silver-tongued.

The Merciless

The player who will eliminate the player who got mana-screwed without a second thought. The Merciless do not deal in half-measures. Devastating a player’s presence in the game is not enough. Complete annihilation is the only real option.

The Politician

Making up and cutting deals constantly, The Politician hopes to maneuver in the game socially not just to avoid personal harm, but to advance to victory. Encouraging players to eliminate each-other while trying to remain mostly unscathed, The Politician can do the most with as little as possible.

The Architect

A player who seeks to craft a specific experience, be it some kind of synergy or a game ending combo, and have no ambition beyond that. They seek to accomplish a personal goal in the game built into their own deck.

The Jester

Always seeking to make the game ‘a little more interesting’ by playing decks with game-changing cards or always encouraging a new game mode like Archenemy or Planechase, The Jester is eager to experience the biggest can of worms they can open.

I really want an event where Lucio and Symmetra take down Vishkar. It could be story based like Uprising.

We could first get a Lucio animated short that mentions his rebellion against Vishkar and focuses on his music tour, where he fights off people who are trying to get him and how he travels to places Vishkar is in to garner support against the corporation.

Next we get a comic where Symmetra finds out the horrible actions of Vishkar and Lucio ends up getting that info.

And then a comic before the event where Lucio is gathering a revolt to finally take down Vishkar and Symmetra joins in, though she is still hesitant to work with Lucio.

Then in the event we get two game modes you get to choose from:

1) We play as Symmetra’s espionage team taking down Vishkar in one part of Utopaea. We get a beginning cutscene narrated by Satya talking about her background, growing up with Vishkar and how they shaped her, and how she feels betrayed. But she is still willing to correct the wrongs of Vishkar and how she feels this is a good first step towards redemption, even if she doubts herself.

2) we play as Lucio’s revolt team taking down Vishkar in another part of Utopaea. The beginning cutscene is narrated by Lucio, who talks about his childhood and living in Rio, how it shaped him, and the injustice Vishkar put on them. Talks about why he feels the need to fight with world against injustice, and though he’s still unsure about Symmetra he still sees the that Vishkar has wronged her and also subjected her to injustice, and that he doesn’t doubt she has a good heart.

Throughout the game both Symmetra and Lucio’s team interact with each other through intercoms. Also the OW team that answered the Recall join in.

New legendaries for Symmetra and Lucio based on the event. Orisa also gets a legendary (for her and Efi’s support of Lucio), Doomfist gets a legendary (a combination of Talon and Vishkar aesthetic that shows Talon has been working with Vishkar), and a legendary for Ana (maybe she got in trouble with Vishkar during her travels, also she needs a legendary).

there’s this anarchist meme i keep seeing along the lines of “oh, we don’t propose any blueprints or program for society, instead we just intend to allow the people to decide for themselves how best to make decisions collectively” and it’s like….. you realize that you, also, are people? “the people” is not some abstract force separate from yourself, but rather something you are immersed in, and a part of?

like there’s this idea in some segments of the anarchist left that we should destroy capitalism and the state without having any game plan for what mode of social organization to replace it with, because we should “let the people” decide that, but like…. “the people” includes us! we can start the process by which we collectively create a model for a better world right now! i agree that we should avoid falling into the trap of reverting to a top-down hierarchical vanguardist model, but that doesn’t mean we have to abstain from discussion of specific ideas about how we might organize a post-capitalist society.

  • blizzard: the omnic thing in overwatch is an allegory for racism!
  • blizzard: people hate the omnics because they damn near caused the apocalypse like, 20 years ago???
  • blizzard: anyway here's a game mode where you slaughter omnics by the dozens
  • blizzard:
  • blizzard: listen we were never good at this